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WebNews #18; St. Patrick's Day Edition; Friday March 17, 2006


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When profiling is “reasonable,” injustice becomes excusable 7/24/13

NewsAlert: *** ST. AGNES ALUMNI 71st ANNUAL PICNIC, AUGUST 19, 2017; MARK ON YOUR CALENDAR *** 4/27/17
*** In Loving Memory of Pastor "Pat" Feliciano *** 3/8/14 *** Peter Feliciano Needs Your Prayers *** 12/14/15
Fr. Ray Masterson Obit 3/19/14 Fr. Ray Masterson Remembrance Letter 3/19/14 Fr. Ray Masterson Remembrance 3/19/14
The boys of St Agnes, a video by Sr Margaret Palliser 3/20/14 Augusta DiMarino; Mother of 4 Maltese "House Kids" 11/10/15
George Favre, 82, Sparkill, A House Kid, Biography 5/24/14 View Sacred Heart Chapel Video 2/24/14
Alumni Newsletter, Spring 2015 5/11/15 In Memory of Hugh J. “MAC” McAvinue, By Gerald F. Merna 2/22/15
Happy Saint Patrick's Day:"Saint Patrick's Day (March 17th), is an Irish holiday honoring Saint Patrick, the missionary credited with converting the Irish to Christianity (in the A.D. 400's). In America, Saint Patrick's Day is a time to wear green and party. The first American celebration of Saint Patrick's Day was in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1737."

WebLink: 'How 'Bout A Hug For Dad': Hero cop John Antonacci is the son of St. Agnes Alumnus John J. Antonacci:
New York Post, By Devin Smith and Leonard Greene, March 15, 2006 -- "Hero cop John Antonacci got the welcome home of his life yesterday when his elated little boy jumped into his arms during a tearful reunion a day after a crazed thug's bullet came inches away from killing the officer".

"Six-year-old Travis Antonacci didn't even stop to put on his shoes before he ran out of his Long Island house to greet his lucky dad, who drove himself home after a night in a Brooklyn hospital".

Two Brooklyn police officers saved by their bulletproof vests':
Newsday, By Marcus Franklin, Associated Press Writer, March 13, 2006, 4:29 PM EST, NEW YORK -- "Two uniformed police officers escaped serious injury early Monday when their bulletproof vests protected them from shots fired by a man in a Brooklyn apartment, authorities said.

Officers John Antonacci and Hector Ramirez were hit while responding to a kitchen fire and disturbance around 3 a.m"

Memorial: William J. Doherty, Nov. 17, 1937 - Feb. 19, 2006: Bill Doherty was at "The House" from 1951 to 1955.

Memorial: John (Sammy) Tolins, 1936 - Mar. 7, 2006: Sammy Tollins was at "The House" from 1943 to 1953.
Letter: 'We got to see Lil Sammy': From Arthur (Happy) Ovalle, Sent: Monday, March 13, 2006 4:51 AM
BioPhoto: John (Sammy) Tolins

Letter: Alumni Memorials / Obits: Dear St. Agnes Alumni Association (website) members: Since we are all associated with having spent parts of our youth at St. Agnes Convent, we share a common bond that unites us to this day.... (More)

House Kids: 3 More Names Added To "House Kids List": Louis A. Lopez (1949-1952), Bernard Mallon, John Kobjack (born: Feb 15, 1911)

Letter: From Louis A. Lopez: To David T. Feliciano, Sent: Friday, February 24, 2006 12:25 PM, Subject: St. Agnes School
Photos: Louis A. Lopez: St. Agnes years and recent photos
Bio: Louis A. Lopez: Louie Lopez was a House Kid from 1949 to 1952.

From: Michael Kobjack: Sent: Wednesday, January 04, 2006, Subject: My Dad: Michael is the son of St. Agnes Alumnus John Kobjack.

Historical/Current: Sparkill Creek Watershed: Mercurio Proposal 2004: Posted on SUNY-ESF website by Faculty of Environmental Science and Forestry and Landscape Architecture program at SUNY-ESF. It contains historical and current info, photos and drawings about the Sparkill Gap Section of the Sparkill Creek Watershed. (The Free Adobe Reader is required to view document which is in .pdf format.)
Historical: Sparkill Watershed Map: Sparkill Land Grant Map.

NewsAlert Archive: This new website section begins with this WebNews Edition. All past NewsAlerts are available for viewing in the archive.

“Home Kids: The Story of St. Agatha Home for Children,” By Nancy Canfield: "Book Recounts Author's Life in Orphanage:"
By Pat Sherman UNION-TRIBUNE COMMUNITY NEWS WRITER, March 10, 2006. "Nancy Canfield knows how a single, immutable event can forever alter a child's life. In her recently published book, “Home Kids: The Story of St. Agatha Home for Children,” Canfield recounts the years she and four siblings spent at a Catholic orphanage in New York."  (More....)

'Home Kids' By Nancy Canfield: The story of St. Agatha Home for Children:
"We're going to take you kids,"
he pointed to each of us sitting on the couch and said our names in a sing-song voice "Jackie... Tommy... Hellen... David and Nancy," pausing between each name as if to prove he knew them, "to see a school tomorrow, a boarding school, see how you like it." He said this in a voice that implied it was temporary, like we'd have a choice about attending. With those words the Canfield siblings began a journey that profoundly shaped their formative years. Home Kids is Nancy Canfield's courageous retelling of her family's dramatic story and the inspirational story of St. Agatha Home for Children.  (More....)

Letters: 'Home Kids' By Nancy Canfield: The Story of St. Agatha Home for Children: Sent: 01/19/2006
Photos: St. Agatha Home Keepsake Photograph.

Gaspar Cipolla Ricardo C. Colon Harry Connors
Caesar Feliciano Carlos Feliciano David T. Feliciano Pastor (Pat) Feliciano Peter (Pedro) Feliciano
Stephen J. Fromholz, Sr. Louis A. Lopez George Charles Merna Gerald F. Merna Thomes G. Merna
Robert F. Pulliza Frank Jacob Rosenstine Joseph R. Stanaitis Joseph (Joe) Wiska

Raymond (Ramon) Adames John J. Antonacci Joseph Antonacci Dennis Bailey Lorenzo Calderon
Robert Coyle William Doherty Benjamin Feliciano Bob Keane James Lawson
James Merna Richard Merna Robert Merna John (Sammy) Tolins

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