Benjamin Feliciano

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Caesar Feliciano

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Caesar Feliciano
Caesar was born in 1934. He arrived at St. Agnes in the summer of 1942 with brothers Pastor, Carlos and Peter. Caesar left the House in approximately 1948. Caesar died as the result of street violence on a street corner in the Bronx on his 15th birthday in 1949.

Carlos Feliciano

22 Yrs Old: 1957
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Carlos Feliciano
I arrived at St. Agnes on a very distressing day in 1942 with my brothers Pastor, Caesar and Peter. I took an immediate dislike to everything about the place including the food. We escaped from the House the same day but, unfortunately, we were brought back the next day. I guess I had always resented being sent to the House. Maybe that's why I got into so many fights with other kids there. I ran away again in the summer before starting the 8th grade, after a severe disagreement with the School Principal, around 1947. After a few years in the Bronx, I moved with my wife Olga to Los Angeles, "City of Lost Angels", CA.

Olga and I had 2 children, Evonne and Renne "El Burro". My second wife, Maria Cecilia, blessed me with three more children; Erick, Valerie and Carlos "Isaac". I have a total of 5 kids.

I worked much of my life as a fabric cutter in the garment business. I also owned and operated a hot lunch truck for a time. I retired on Social Security in 1994 and have been living a life of leisure ever since

David T. Feliciano

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David T. Feliciano
Was born in New York City, NY on February 14th 1937, to Pastor and Juana Feliciano. He was at St. Agnes Home for Boys in Sparkhill, NY from 1945 - 1952 arriving with his brother Benjamin and after Pastor, Carlos, Caesar, Peter and before Moses. Seven Feliciano brothers were at St. Agnes and one sister, Naomi was at St. Dominic in Blauvelt, NY.

There was another oldest brother, Raymond and another youngest brother, George and a second oldest sister, Rachael who were not at St Agnes or St. Dominic.

David attended freshman year at Tappan Zee High School, Piermont, NY. He attended Morris High School in The Bronx, NYC, NY and graduated from Queens College, CUNY with a BA degree. He completed one year of post-graduate work in Business Administration at Pace University, NYC, NY.

Throughout his business career, as an Information Technology Professional, he completed numerous Computer Science courses, specializing in Application Systems Development and Application Systems Programming.

David and his wife Iris have five children, eight grand-children and three great grand-children (triplets). They have two sons, David Jr. and Thomas David; three daughters, Debra, Lizzette and Mercedes; two grand-sons, David 3rd and Thomas David Jr., six grand-daughters, Chervone, Elyse, Ashley, Celeena, Laurisa and Amanda; and triplet great grand-children, Donald, Paris and Chloe.

David played Quarterback for St. Agnes Football Team and played Second Base and ShortStop for the Baseball Team. In addition, he participated in all types of team and individual sports, while at St. Agnes, including Basketball, Volleyball, Boxing, Handball and Speedball (our home-grown version of Soccer Ball).

After leaving St. Agnes, he played Paddleball, a cross between Handball and Racketball, for over thirteen years.

David is currently a Roadrunner and has participated in this sport for over 22 years. He has completed 18 NYC Marathons, as well as, numerous races of 18 Miles,
1/2 Marathon, 10 Miles, 10k, 5 Miles, 4 Miles and 5k distances.

He has been approved as an entrant for his 19th NYC Marathon, to be run this year, on Sunday November 4th, 2006.

Moses Feliciano

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Pastor Feliciano

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Pastor (Pat) Feliciano
Born 26, August 1930, in the slums of New York before they were upgraded to Getto's. My hair was red so some well meaning misinformed malcontents called me "Rubio". I had major ear infections and all the other sicknesses which would normally kill a child, but I survived. It wasn't so much a will to live, but a determination of witnessing the other side of poverty.

A self discovery at the age of eight set into motion a personality trait I still have, I Like Women! At the age of nine, a social worker informed our family that we were poor and as such were entitled to assistance in the form of money for rent, food, and clothing. Help came in the area of child care that resulted in some of us ten kids going to St. Agnes Convent. I again proved my determination for survival, this time it was from a distortion of childcare, by a religious institution all in the name of God. My St. Agnes experience convinced me that I was not a suitable Catholic.

At the age of seventeen my liking for women reemerged. I experienced romantic love, but I really didn't know what to do about it. I became disenchanted with high school, the New York scene and decided to escape it. In 1948 I joined the Army "to see the world", and the women in it.

Three years of raising hell and taking backward steps, I met Bunny and changed direction.

Twenty nine years of Army service with proper navigation (Bunny). I retired at the top of the enlisted rank,,,,Command Sergeant Major. Worked five years in civil service, didn't care for it. Worked part time at Central Texas College as a math tutor, liked it, stayed fifteen years.

Presently in Virginia, like it, will stay putů I think.

Peter Feliciano

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Peter (Pedro) Feliciano
Born in New York City, NY on July 9 1935, to Pastor Feliciano and Juana (AKA Petrona Ochoa Lopez) Feliciano. My father was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico in 1891. My mother was born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras in 1908 and immigrated to America in 1925.

Arrived at St. Agnes School in the summer of 1942 with brothers Pastor, Carlos and Caesar. I was the youngest at 7 years of Age. Within a couple of days of our arrival, we brothers made our "Great Escape" back to our home in Bronx, NY. The escape, while adventuresome, was short lived, being brought back to the "House" the next day. I remained at St Agnes from 1942 to 1951, leaving after my freshman year at Tappan Zee Hi.

I continued High School at Morris Hi, Bronx, NY. I then migrated to the "city of the angles", Los Angeles, CA. At age 23, I entered the Army, volunteering for airborne duty and eventually joined the 5th Special Forces Group (The Green Berrets), and later the 82nd Airborne Division, making about 40 training parachute jumps over a span of 14 years. I also joined an Army Sky Diving club and, at one point, the US Army Parachute Demonstration Team, Performing, at times, on the same billing with the US Navy's Blue Angels Jet Plane Demo Team. The Highest jump I managed to imvolve myself in was from a C130 transport plane from an altitude of 34,000 feet (about the altitude at which commercial airlines cruise), using a portable oxygen bottle during decent. I left the Army with the rank of Captain in 1973.

I have 2 children, (Laura and Daniel), 3 step children, (Heather Tristan and Millisa), 4 grandchildren, (David, Kyle, Felicia and Garrett), and one great grandchild in the hopper, scheduled for arrival in early 2006.

I retired on Social Security in 1997 and have done little of anything since.