Personal Records

The question arises, "How do I get information on my personal records?"

Records information is available from the St. Agnes archivist, Sr. Maureen Foy. If they are your personal records, send a formal letter of request to Sr. Maureen at the address below. Be very specific. Identify yourself completely and indicate what specific information you are seeking, and why. To help with the postage costs, I recommend you include a self addressed stamped envelope.

Sr. Maureen Foy
Dominican Convent
175 Route 340
Sparkill, NY 10976-1047
1-845-359-6400 Ext. 4207
(Direct line; 1-845-359-4207

In order to help SisterMaureen avoid a lot of telephone calls, and to allow her sufficient time to do any necessary research of records, please do not call her unless (a) you don't understand the response, or (b) you have not received a response in a reasonable period of time, normally three or four weeks after you have written to her.


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