Dear St. Agnes Alumni Association (website) members:

Since we are all associated with having spent parts of our youth at St. Agnes Convent, we share a common bond that unites us to this day.

Often we hear by the grapevine (or otherwise) of the serious illness or death of an alumnus. Usually we do not receive the information in time to notify our fellow Alumni. Many have expressed desires to be made aware of these circumstances so that they can send get well or Mass cards when appropriate, or visit a sick member or attend a funeral if they live near the sick or deceased member.

We therefore encourage all Alumni to remind their family members' next of kin to be sure to email us (dtf@StAgnesAlumni.org and/or dtf@nyc.rr.com) should these circumstances occur. In order to promptly, accurately and completely notify the membership, it would be appreciated if your notice included the following information:

1) Full name of ill or deceased member (and years at St. Agnes if possible). 2) Whether the Alumni are ill or died, and if ill, the general nature of illness and name of hospital if appropriate in the event an Alumnus may want to visit the ill person. 3) In the event of a death, please provide funeral arrangements to include (a) date and place of death, (b) date and hours of any wake; c) name, address and phone number of church and/or funeral home (d) Any favorite charity desired in memory of deceased and (e) any additional information that is available.

In the case of deceased members it would be appreciated if you could mail a copy of the Obituary so that it can be posted on the website for the information of all members.

If a St. Agnes Alumni member dies and a member(s) of his immediate family wish to continue to receive our Newsletter, please provide the name and email address of such family member(s).

Stay Well, God Bless,
St. Agnes Alumni Association

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