Joseph R. Stanaitis

Tappan Zee HS 1955 Graduate
June 2005

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Joseph R. Stanaitis (a.k.a Robert Stanaitis)

I was an early out in 1955. I graduated in February and much later, I regretted the fact that I robbed myself of an additional few months of being a child.

I moved to the Big Apple in April 1955. Took few business courses At CCNY and NYU and then started my 44 year career in data processing BC (before computers) and telecommunications . I met my wife of 44 years in 1958 and wed in 1960.

You may remember me as Robert or Bob.. that in fact was my second name. My first name was Joe and for reasons too complicated to explain, I assumed the name of Joe in 1956 and have been Good old Joe since then which causes some confusion when I am with someone from now and come across someone from then,.

We moved to West Haverstraw in 1964 where I commenced my 40 years of commuting from a low of 24 miles of day to Orangeburg to a high of 140 miles a day to Brewster New York. We had one son in 1967 then after we moved to Warwick NY in 1971 was blessed with a second son in 1979. The older guy has been married for several years. The younger is still single and eligible. Both of them work locally remembering my many hours on the road instead of being home.

I was blessed with a kind of blue collar /white collar career. I usually hand carried and installed much of the equipment that I then operated and managed at each of the several companies I worked at. In early 1998 my company had been bought out and was closed down in early 1999. Ergo, retirement!

We enjoy going to B & Bs. We both belong to the local health club and work out on a regular basis. I spend my time doing some volunteer work, photography, woodcrafts, reading and gardening. Over the years, I became an excellent cook as my photo may indicate. I am now actively trying to lose some weight. I am a firm believer in moderation in all things "especially" moderation. We have a cat named Gabriel. Our home is built upon a knoll, upon a hill upon the side of a mountain. Thank God, we are still in good health.

Those who might remember me from those halcyon days of high school would remember a quiet studious person, I have changed. I am no long as quiet and reserved. Life is too good not to partake.

Since retiring I have been looking for people from that time. I found a few at I remember sending a howdy to one of the guys in my class. His response was that he didn't remember me. After several other non or negative responses, I let my membership end. I have reconnected with many of my classmates from St. Agnes School where I am a member of the St. Agnes Alumni Association and we have a web site at