In Loving Memory of Our Dearly Departed
Eternal Rest grant unto them, Oh Lord,
and let the Perpetual Light shine upon them.
May they rest in peace, Amen

In Grateful Memory of the Members of St. Agnes Alumni
Who Made the Supreme Sacrifice For Our Country
In World War II and the Korean War

Memorial Links
  Antonacci, Donald 1937 - 1990
  Burns, John
  Campbell, John 1930's 1930's-2003  
  Campbell, Patrick Joseph 1930s
  Campbell, Tom 1930's 1930's-2003  
  Castalamos, Richard
  Chiaravalle, Frank
 Obit Coyle, Robert 1940's 1935 - 2007 Collingswood, NJ
Crockenberg, Albert Bruce 1935 - 2001 10/23/35 - 12/12/01
  Daly, Thomas D. 1920's - 1930's 02/21/15 - 01/31/07
  Delgado, Marcello
  Doherty, William J. 1951 - 1955 11/17/37 - 02/19/06  
  Falterman, John 1965 - 1973 07/12/57 - 10/11/02 St. Agnes, Sparkill NY
  Faulk, Coach Charles  
  Faulk, Coach Jim  
  Favia, Ralph
  Feliciano, Carlos 1932-2008 Westminster, CA
  Feliciano, Cesar 1942-1948 1934-1949 New York City
  Feliciano, Moses 1946?-1950s 1940-1973+ New York City
  Greco, Philip
  Hennessey, Ed
  Huha, Nicholas
  Keyes, James
  Klima, Stephen
  Landolfi, Robert
  Lawson, Jim ? 1923-1966
  Loeser, David
  Lynch, Joseph
  Markovics, Peter
  McCann, Patrick
  McElroy, Raymond
  McElroy, William
  McGrath, Edmund
  McMahon John
  Merna, George                - 07/04/06
  Messina, Joseph
  Miller, Robert
  Monteiro, David 06/23/55 - 03/02/80
  Monteiro, Gerard 06/08/51 - 08/02/94
  Morales, Victor
  Nestor, James
  O'Connell, Michael
  O'Connor, Donald
  O'Niell, Nicholas
  Paolillo, Enrico
  Parker, Claude Martin 10/09/34 - 07/04/02
  Phillips, James
  Ramos, Joseph
  Reddington, Thomas
  Roche, William
  Santana, Oscar
  Scardapane, Silvio
  Schaeffer, Charles J. 1924 - 1934 01/12/17 - 08/28/10
  Shufflebotham, Edward
  Siligowsky, Adam
  Simpson, William
  Tamburro, Angelo
  Tolins, John Sammy 1943 - 1953 1936 - 03/07/2006 New York City, NY
  Torres, Alexander
  Tubens, Emilio
  Wilson Eugene
  Zukoff, Walter

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