From: Happy Ovalle
To: Joseph R. Stanaitis
Sent: Monday, March 13, 2006 4:51 AM
Subject: We got to see Lil Sammy


Sammy eventually was wandering around NY streets lost.....

'Arturos' (resturant) got in touch with Vinny, and Sammy was placed in a Home.

Altimizers gripped him quicky and He just got worst & worst.....Vinny doing everything in his power to help Sammy's comfort....

He couldn't eat at the end, and My Wife, Barbara, my daughter Jo, got to visit him out in Long Island, along with Vinny & His Daughter.

We spoke to Sammy, holding his hands, and encouraged him in Christ Jesus.... Whispering how Christ Forgives all sin, and poures His love on those believing.

Even 'Today you shall be with Me in Paradise' a promise from the Savior & Lord & King, to a dying orphan...

Squeeze my hand if you believe Sammy!.....HE SQUEEZED.

Rosey touched his lips thirsty lips with water, Jo sang Godly Hymns for hours, wiping his head occassionaly, while Barbara, with a crushed heart, spoke kindly, to a Nurse, who had never had death on his floor, seeking medicines to comfort Sammy in his last hours.

All this while Sammy's created piano music played in the background.

'When you do it to the least of mine, you do it to me, says the Lord.'

Great moments of kindness & love to Sammy, an ole friend whom we all loved.....

We left and returned to Florida, the next morning.

'Farewell, my friend farewell'

Arthur (Happy) & Barbara Ovalle, class of 1951

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