From: Michael Kobjack
Sent: Wednesday, January 04, 2006 1:08 PM
Subject: My Dad


While brousing through search engines (imposing on my daughter's privacy haha) I came across an entry for my Dad, John Kobjack. The entry was for your website.

My family has been trying for a very long time to piece together any assemblance of my father's history. Your 1920 census has him listed as 9 years of age. This would be correct in our recolection as Dad was always believed to be born Feb 15, 1911. What wasn't know is his heritage. We were brought up by a very misterious alcoholic as being of Polish decent. Your census has both his parents as Russian. We once traced his Mother's ancestry to Russia (Anna Czar was his mother' s maiden name). We were told his mother died early in his life and his father, a baker, was murdered on the lower east side. This is all we knew of my dad. He supposedly had two brothers, Tom and Peter, but we never actually met nor heard from them. I do not see an entry for them in your census.

I would greatly appreciate any and all information you could supply to better know were my father, now deceased 30 years. It was wonderful merely to come across this website. It has given a sense of truth to the stories dad told throughout my childhood.

Michael Kobjack

From: Michael Kobjack
Sent: Friday, March 10, 2006 5:55 PM
Subject: Re: My Dad

Hello David,

Adding my Dad's name [to House Kids List] is great..... So far I have traced my dad back to 1930 as a Meter Reader for Con Edison in NY. He lived in a boarding house by City College. He was 20 years old. Picturing my dad at 20 living across from City college in a house with three other young guys makes my imagination scream with wonder. The St Louis fire is keeping any knowledge of his military career a secret. He always told us he did 2 tours of duty, but that will never be proven.

Thanks for keeping me in your loop. My sister and I are loving the information we are collecting.


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