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Well, Hello Again. Looks like we made it to another year and it's time for our ANNUAL PICNIC scheduled for SATURDAY, AUGUST 17, 2013 at the PIERMONT PAVILION beginning at 12:30 PM.

Sister Peggy Scarano has arranged for a Mass in memoriam for deceased and ailing alumni and their families. It will be celebrated at the Chapel at the ST. AGNES MOTHERHOUSE AT 11:15 AM ON AUGUST 17, 2013. Sr. Peggy thought that the sisters at the motherhouse and infirmary would enjoy celebrating the Mass with us.

First, I would like to extend a special thank you to some of our members for their exceptional generosity. I know I won't get everyone that I should but I want to specifically mention these folks: Jerry Merna, Steve Wellington, Bill Lehman, Pat Rooney, John Antonacci, Bob Babcock, Bernie Neville, George Favre, Bill Casey, Rod Dayton, Jim DiTullio, Bill Meisenzahl, Frank Bradicich, Jim Merna, Bob Antonacci, Anthony DeMarino. And to all who continue to contribute and sustain the association. I tried to call Pat Rooney to thank him for his contribution, he hung up on me twice. The last time I saw Steve Wellington and Bill Lehman was about 1955-56 in Piermont walking up Piermont Ave., I think Jerry Coyne was there too, if anyone has heard from him please let me know. Thanks to Frank Pastore for the spiritual material he sent along to us (some of it from the St. Francis Friary); it appears that Pope Francis will be basing the style of his papacy on the model of St. Francis (either one), piety, humility, commitment, and service. Rod Dayton sent us a copy of his inspiring story about his special friendship with our one time track coach, Hughie Short. If you can get onto Anthony DeMarino's email list you'll be in for a lot of laughs and enjoyment.

I am especially grateful to the MacMillans, Irizarrys, Adames and Antonaccis for their continuing support. This is one of those peculiar organizations whose existence is based on institutional memories and not on current activities (no weddings, christenings, graduations, etc.) and relies on those who have served to help people like me who are just starting in this job.

Also, we are very grateful to the Sisters at Sparkill who contributed $177.31 to the association. The Sisters were closing the bank account of St. Agnes Home and School for Children and the Executive Team decided that "...the alumni group is a continuation of St. Agnes and should receive the money."

To assist in their recovery efforts following the Sandy storm, the association made contributions of $200 and $100 to the Piermont Fire Department and Police Athletic League respectively.

Deb and I had a great visit in November with Rich and Joyce Irizarry (long-time benefactors of the association) at their palatial home in Naples, Florida. Rich is singlehandedly reinvigorating the Florida Real Estate economy under Joyce's expert guidance.


Unfortunately, the next time we saw them was in January at Luigi Crispino's wake in Haverstraw. Louie had an extraordinarily productive life after leaving St. Agnes. He served in the U.S. Army, was married 52 years to Ann Marie, had three children, four grandchildren, two great grandchildren and ran a successful business. He was especially close to Rich and Joyce. Also, attending the wake were Ray and Marcey Adames and Dave and Pat MacMillan. Luckily we were able to share a coffee break with the Adames trading fond memories and laughs.

As many of you know John and Ada Antonacci have been going through their own physical purgatories these last few years. John and Ada are models of perseverance. I think of John as the bionic man, but I envy his enthusiasm and joie de vie. Boy can he make me laugh.

John, who is our designated outreach person, has reported via Victor and Ann that John Coriano is recovering well from bone marrow transplant. John's brother, Guito, was a match and donated the bone marrow. John also reached out to the Herberts (Diane), Bill's daughter, and they are expecting to attend this years picnic. Sadly, Bill Herbert lost his wife, Kathleen, in January. He has moved to Long Island from New Jersey and will be closer to his children.


We received acknowledgements and thanks from Father Masterson and Father Butler for our Christmas gifts to them.

Sister Mary Fagan passed along her concern about the missing plaque. I've enjoyed our infrequent conversations.

Ann Marie Linda, daughter of Joseph Linda who was at the House from 1918 to 1930, has been a loyal supporter of the association for many years, has had some physical setbacks. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. After leaving St. Agnes Joseph Linda graduated from Fordham College and went on to have a sterling career in Social Services.

Ditty Naglieri, a very old and dear Piermont friend to alumni members, had her home in Piermont seriously damaged by Sandy, and she herself was injured. Deb and I visited her at the Thompson House Rehab in Rhinebeck, NY. Following her rehab she is continuing her recovery at her daughter's home in Stanfordville, NY and planning her return to Piermont.

The St. Agnes website ( is up and running as well as a Facebook (St. Agnes "House Kids" Sparkill NY) page (thanks to Peter and David Feliciano) and both sites are available for updates. At last check Facebook had 42 friends. All association members are encouraged to use the website and/or Facebook to help us keep track of what's going on with you.


JERRY MERNA, an outstanding alumnus and person, passed on a few suggestions regarding our Alumni Association, a sampling of which is included below:

Perhaps starting with this year's reunion we should consider holding a brief "Alumni Business Meeting" so everyone has a "voice" in discussing subjects like where and when the next reunion should be (e.g., continued on the Pier, perhaps on the grounds of the former St. Agnes Convent, inviting the Nuns there to attend (like we did for the 60th Anniversary when we dedicated the Plaques), or even some other venue; everyone would be encouraged to "speak up" on any subject involving our Assn. This is intended to try to promote interest in keeping our St. Agnes Alumni Assn. alive and healthy.

Finding an old email he received from Red Rooney that also had an old picture where Red added, "we can't afford to lose these memories," prompted Jerry to wonder if perhaps our Alumni might want to go back to their old photo albums and pull out a few of their favorite "House's Kids" pictures and/or stories that aren't already on our website, and send them to David Feliciano to post there. They don't have to be only military stories or pictures, but also sports, caddying, bean-picking, and swimming, and all the other activities we all participated in one way or another. Perhaps we can dedicate a new feature for these old memories (not yet on the site) and name it, "In honor of Red Rooney," or call it " We cannot afford to lose these memories, " also in Red's honor. (Any pictures sent should include names, dates, and a brief background relative to each picture).

As an added "challenge"/"incentive," we could also attempt to obtain pictures and brief military histories to list and make a "Tribute Page" like the (incomplete) one enclosed of St. Agnes Alumni who were Marine Veterans, and create similar lists of all of our Alumni who served in all branches of the Military/Peace Corps/Ministry etc., which would include folks like Red Rooney who joined the Air Force, John Antonacci who served in the Army, and his Brother Donald Antonacci who was in the Navy for over 20 years? To perhaps get us thinking and started, Jerry included a very few names of those St. Agnes men who served in the other services:

ARMY: John and Ralph Antonacci, John Coughlin, Alberto de la Rosa, Gillespie/Montano, Art Kingsley, Johnny Lehman, Bill Meisenzahl, Robert Millspaugh, and Robert Wagner.

NAVY: Donald Antonacci, Frank Bradicich, Donald Dillon, William "Bill" Doherty, Johnny Lehman, Rudy Loyola, George and Robert Merna, and Paul Tarantino.


AIR FORCE: Walter Drake, Robert Favre, Walter Rooney, and Joe Rosen.

KILLED IN ACTION: As for those who paid the "ultimate sacrifice" while serving their country, their names are on the picture of the plaque dedicated at our 50th Anniversary Reunion.
Jerry made it clear this is but one suggestion to keep our Assn. ACTIVE, and he knows many of you have others, which are welcomed. What we want to remember is while we remember all these pictures and stories, Historians, including our future Grand Children and Great Grandchildren don't/won't unless we preserve all these"Memories."

In the same vein as Jerry's suggestions - some time ago Ron Lugo expressed an interest in gathering material regarding the St. Agatha - St. Agnes connection. His title for the project "The Open Link".




If you plan on bringing food to the picnic please let us know in order to avoid overloading with any particular type of food.

Also, it would be of help if you could keep us updated on any change of address, phone, email, etc.

FRANK ASCIOLLA September 11, 2012
PAUL FABRIZZI October 7, 2012
LUIGI CRISPINO January 24, 2013


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