Alumni Newsletter Spring 2003

St Agnes Alumni Assoc
9 Glen Road
Highland Falls, NY 10928
TEL: 845-446-4091

Spring, 2003

Dear Alumnus/Friend:

Though the calendar tells us it's Spring, the weather here on the East Coast tells us we still have winter with temp. in the middle 30's yet. As you know we had a very cold winter with plenty of snow so we are looking forward to sunshine & pretty flowers. We hope you & your family had a Blessed Easter & have a great Spring & Summer with good health.

HERE N' THERE: Had a great surprise visit from Bob Keane & friend, Margaret, Palm Sunday, had a lot of laughs talking about old times at St. Agnes. Good hearing from Bob Rosich via phone , Bob tells us he & wife Aida had a visit from Carlos Passy at their home in Fl. Bob tells us he & wife Aida are coming to the annual picnic in Aug. Looking forward to seeing you both.

Happy to announce we can add a new name to our mailing list, thanks to Roland Hernandez, out of Tampa, Fl. who sent us the address of Joseph Wiska, thanks Roland. We are always happy to add names, so if you know of any, please let us know. Rec'd holiday greetings from Fr. Masterson from Brazil, writing us to extend his blessings & best wishes to all the Alumni & thanking us for the Christmas gift.

Rec'd a note from Ray Hernandez from Port Jervis, KY. Saying how sad he was about Joe Rosen's death, as he said there aren't enough adjectives to describe the way Joe lived his life, he and many others will always be indebted for his friendship & great sense of humor.

A note from Mario Roche tells us he arrived late at the picnic last Aug., but still was happy to get to chat with some of the Alumni & after 47 years was able to get the phone number of a classmate who joined the service with him. Mario says he will be early for the 2003 picnic.

Thanks to Phil Chiaravalle, Hyde Park VT. he writes how much he enjoyed the newsletter & thanks us for keeping it going.

John Goldstein writes from Queens Vlg. NY that he was in the Soc. Work Dept, 1960-63 & worked with Sr. Ann Catherine, Sr. Una, Sr. Francis Paula, Sr. Rita Anne & Ralph Coleman. He left to go to Social work school full time upon graduation began work at Queens Hosp. Ctr. in NY where he remained until he retired in 1985. He met his late wife there & after a long illness she died in 2000. He has 4 children & 3 grandchildren He is very active in his church as a eucharistic minister, catechist & a substitute lector, he remembers so many of his "boys" & wonders if any of them remember him, at any rate all are in his prayers as they have been for many years. Thanks John, great hearing from you.

Rec'd a thank you note along with his dues & order for a St Agnes shirt from Anthony DeVecchi who is the artistic director of the Northeast Am. School of Dance in Northampton, MA.

Cornelius O'Neill (49-53) sends a thank you for the newsletter & said how much he en-joyed the last inclosure, he remembers Sr. Marie, he was always very fond of her because she was so very nice & had a very even temperament.

Pat Rooney out of Fairlawn, NJ also writes & said how much he enjoyed the last letter & the insert, he too remembers Sr. Marie and said how wonderful she was & yes he is in the band & played the tuba, he really enjoyed the uniform & the shoes that went with it, but only for the parade & competition, he remembers marching in back of St Aquinas in NY & they had such pretty girls there, but didn't get a chance to talk to any of them but just being in the St. Patrick's Day Parade was a wonderful experience. Coming back from the parade, he would turn the tuba upside down & empty all the butts, popcorn & paper etc. that the crowd threw in during the parade. Pat wants to know if anyone re-members Perry, he could really play the trumpet. Pat also informs us as of Dec. 2002, he was retiring after 25 years at Kean Univ. & start a new life of his own, but no matter what he does in life he says he will always be a "House's Kid" & proud of it. Any "House's Kid" who needs a locksmith can call him at 2971-791-13919. Great letter, Pat. lots of luck in your retirement.

As you can tell we receive many wonderful letters during the year so we think it's only right to share them with you & hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

After Bob Aponte read the last newsletter & inclosure, he sat down & wrote & we had a lot of laughs & we know you will too. First of all, he said the last time he saw his classmate, Walter Hoffman was at a Mass for Father Gregory Carroll (classmate) about 20 years ago, he hopes to catch up with Walter the next time he & his wife go to Atlantic City. Bob was so happy to hear from Willy Perales (CA) after 50 years, the last time they saw each other was at Penn. Sta., when both were in the Navy & going separate directions.

To answer your question about 4 of your other classmates you mention, none of them are on the mailing list. Bob also tells us his experience in the school band one season, the year we got the new blue/gold uniforms, he was a trombonist marching in the St Patrick's Band up 5th Ave. he felt like a celebrity. Shortly after that at one of the practices the band master (Mr. Maxwell) more or less hinted that I should stick to my day job, a trombone player was not my future. My day job was cleaning the bathroom in the big "fellows" dorm. "Stur" Joe Beekie (Sr. Josephine) was in charge of us, she


had such a big nose that's how she got the nickname. She would reward us with a buttered hard roll every Sat. This was a real treat we never saw rolls in our dining room (refectory). If you remember we rarely called a nun "Sister" we always called them "Stur" our abbreviation for Sister. Remember that was just part of "House's Kid" lingo. Bob also remembers dear Father Jorn, the early masses at 6:30 AM mostly all in Latin & I thought that all Father Jorn spoke was Latin until later years he came out one day to play baseball with the boys & he said "play ball" we all said see he does speak English.

Jim Merna, along with his holiday greetings, inclosed his e-mail address in case anyone would like to contact him jim111@starpower. net.

John Antonacci informs us that an alumnus, Wm. Doherty (51-55) is in Bronx Vets Hosp, nursing Care Unit Ward 1-A-1, 130 W. Kingsbridge Rd, Bronx, NY 10468 Rm 1A-16. We wish good health & God's Blessings.

It was great getting together with Jim Dunn & Dave & Pat MacMillan, we had so many laughs while telling stories about happenings at St. Agnes.

DUES: Annual dues $10.00 are payable anytime, make checks to St Agnes Alumni 9 Glen Rd., Highland Falls, NY 10928. As we told you in the past it helps defray the cost of printing, mailing, etc of the newsletter 4 times a year. We want to thank all those who have already sent their dues in for the year, appreciate it very much.

R.I.P: Sorry to hear of the death of George Fernandez (date unknown),, John Lucas 11/8/92, Fred (Perfrito) Garcia 2/1/03, brother of member Angelo Garcia. May their souls rest in peace. Our prayers and thoughts are with their families.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The annual picnic will be held Sat: Aug 16th. Time 12:00 Noon till ?? Place is different this year.


There will be a roof over our head in case of rain or extreme sun, there is also a big ball field, & you can take a nice stroll out onto the pier. Cooking facilities are there so we thought we would try it. It was held there many years ago & people enjoyed it. Some directions will be inclosed in the July letter. We do hope everyone will make an effort to attend this year, last year the attendance was down due to the extreme heat. The Alumni Assoc is 57 years old this year so let's support it & have a nice get-together.

LAFF COLUMN: Some people wrote & said how much they miss this column so starting with the next letter we will try to remember some of Joe's jokes.

In closing, again we wish you all good health & happiness always & hope to see you at the picnic. God Bless always.

[signed] ART & GLORIA

PS: As you know Father Figueroa has been a missionary in Brazil for many years, just rec'd word that he was savagely beaten with a machetti type knife & while he was trying to protect his head with his hand, the intruder cut his thumb off, thank God it was re-attached & is now recuperating. Father works with very poor people & was showing them how to raise fruits & vegetables to make a living & to be able to eat, it was in one of these fields that the intruder was caught stealing the fruit, when questioned he returned later & attacked Father. Please pray for him & his people. Why do these things happen to such good people??

Father's address:

Padre Eduardo Figueroa, OMI
Caixa Postal 1850
Recife' Pernambuco
Brazil., S.A. CEP 50001-970

Alumni Newsletter Summer 2003

July '03

Dear Alumnus/Friend,

Dropping by to say "Hello" and say we hope all is going well for you and your family.

"HERE ‘N NOW”: Rec'd a surprise phone call from "Iggy Molerio" out of CA. had a great chat & lots of laughs reminiscing of old times at St. Agnes, Iggy also sent us a check along with his dues to be sent to Father Figueroa. Thanks so much Iggy.

Rec,d a nice note from Aida Figueroa, sister of Father Figueroa, thanking us for the prayers for Father & informing us she was flying to Brazil 6/3/03 to spend time with him & returning 8/21/03 hopefully with her brother. Thanks Aida for your nice note & also sending your new address we hope your trip is a good one.

Heard from Greg Spero recently, he informed me he was going to St. Agnes 5/18/03 to a Mass for some of the Dominican Sisters who were celebrating their jubilees, he wanted to attend to show appreciation for their sacrifices & commitments to the "House's Kids", Greg was at St Agnes 1939-49.

Nice note from Eugene Scardapane (1928-30) saying how much he enjoys the news letter & recognized the name Phil Chiaravalle & wanted to get in touch with him.

Nice hearing from John Sekreta from Mill Creek, WA. thanking us for the letter & saying how much enjoys it,  he was asking for Joseph Cabrera
out of Fort Richey, FL, was at St Agnes (31-35), he would love to hear from any of his classmates.

Good hearing from Barney Kiernan, he was sorry to hear that Ralph Coleman & his wife are not doing well, he said all the "house's Kids" hold him & Coach Faulk in High Regards. Barney & wife just became Great Grandparents & he is so proud the baby's first name is Barney. Congratulations to all and thanks for the note & check.

When Father Figueroa wrote about his terrible experience, at the end of his letter he said to extend his greetings & prayers to all the Alumni, we will bring the letter to the picnic so all can read it, what a great individual he is.

Rec'd a note from Joe Stanaitis who gave us the E-Mail addresses of 3 new members & their regular mailing addresses, thanks a lot Joe, always happy to add new names to the mailing list. They are: Daniel Rodriguez- Mish(?)-9160 Prodigy, Nwt-1969-72.Walter Schneider-Wes 1944-56. Daniel Lopez, 1955-63. David T Feliciano dtf@xxxxxx. Class of 51.

Joe also found a name Ligorio Nero while surfing, he lives in Venice, FL. Joe remembers that Ligorio idolized Marlon Brando, he walked like him, talked, like him & dressed like a biker. He also found the name Luigi Crispino, Luigi was a champion soccer player from Italy, who one day jumped into a game with his foot in a plaster cast after breaking his ankle the previous day, Luigi is now 68 yrs old & lives in Stony Point, NY.

Rec'd a nice letter from Father Masterson (Brazil) thanking us for the condolences & prayers in the death of his brother, Walter. Father was shocked to read about Father Figueroa & immediately wrote him & offered masses for him, Father was at Sparkill 49-51 when he left to go to Garrison to start studying for priesthood. He wants to be remembered to all the alumni & to be assured all are in his remembrances of masses & prayers, thank you Father. Father was so kind to say Mass for our 50th anniv of the alumni & also said Joe Rosen's burial Mass while he was here stateside.

Nice hearing from Bernie Neville again, he is on the internet & tries to contact Alumni. nice hearing from Jim Merna, Jim sent us the obit. of Ed Hennessey who passed away May 9th. Ed attended St Agnes & graduated from TZ High school in 1953, he was unanimously voted "All County" in football. Jim also informed his wife, Sue, who was a nurse for many years recently had both knee replacements & doing real good glad to hear all went well for you, Sue. Thanks to Phil Evans from Fl. For His nice note about the newsletter. Congratulations to Nick Marcigliano & wife on their Golden Wedding Anniv. may you have many more happy, healthy years together.

Thanks to the Joseph Daley family from MA. for their donation in memory of Sr. M. Daley. Rec'd a beautiful autographed picture from member, Elvin Rosa out of Grand Prairir(?), TX. Elvin's picture is going to be on the front of a book written by author, Ken Roy, who has written at least 5 other books, the name of this book is True Crime Novel, the author has followed Elvin around for a year while doing his job private investigating cases. Congratulations, Elvin, What an honor! We are all very proud of you & know what a dangerous job you have.

Recently there was an article in the Catholic New York saying there were 25 Dominican Sisters celebrating their anniversary of religious life. Sister Marie Kuster celebrated her 80th anniversary as a Nun, can you imagine? 8 Nuns marking 70 years, 10 nuns marking 65 years & 6 nuns marking 60 yrs. We congratulate all the Sisters & thank them for their dedication to religious life & we wish them well in the future.

Rec'd a newsletter from the Perry Post American Legion informing us that this year they are awarding 5 ($l,000.00) scholarships awards in memory of Dear Joe Rosen, we thank them so much for this, as we all know Joe dedicated his life to the Legion & the Alumni.

R.I.P. Again we are sorry to mention names under this heading.
Bernard Mallon 3/0/03,
Wa1ter Masterson, brother of Father Masterson & Edward Masterson 3/18/03,
Martin J Sheldon 4/11/03. Martin was so faithful in attending the annual picnic, his widow wrote a nice thank you note & said how much Martin thought of the Alumni & looked forward to the letter all the time.


Also we are sorry to announce the death of member, Ed Hennessey 5/9/03, brother of member Donald Hennessey, Our prayers & condolences are with all the families.

DUES: Annual Dues $10.00 are payable any time, & we want to thank all those good people who have already sent in their checks, we appreciate it so much.

LAFF COLUMN: You all remember one of Joe's favorite? Joe would go into
a restaurant and ask the waitress "Did you hear about the fire in church?" The waitress would have this scared look on her face & ask where? Then Joe would say "Holy Smoke" and he would laugh so.

Another one of Joe's favorite was : I was wounded in the service. I got shell-shocked eating peanuts.


3 year old Reese Our Father, Who does art in Heaven, Harold is his Name. "Amen"

A Sunday school teacher was teaching the Ten Commandments. They were ready to discuss the last one. The teacher asked if anyone could tell her what
it was. Susie raised her hand, stood tall & quoted : Thou shall not take the covers off the neighbor's wife.

One little 4 year old was heard saying the Lord's Prayer as such: "And forgive us our trash baskets as we forgive, those who put trash in our

A Sunday school teacher asked the children as they were on the way to church service, "And why is it necessary to be quiet in church?" one bright little girl replied, "Because people are sleeping".


SATURDAY: Aug. 16th
12:00 NOON Till ? ? ?
NEW LOCATION: Pavilion at the pier in Piermont

Directions: Same as if you were going to the Legion except when you get by the Italian Restaurant
on the corner by the big tree instead of bearing to the right you make a left
across from the restaurant, as you continue on that road you will see a sign "PIER"

In earlier years Gair Cartons was out that way & later it was Continental Cans. Both have been replaced by beautiful Condos.
If you have any questions, please call us at 845-446-4091. Thank you.

We hope to have a nice turn-out, bring picnic baskets, baseballs & bats, The Alumni will have hot dogs, hamburgers, rolls, corn-on-cob, soda, cookies.
Enclosed is our annual raffle book please make checks payable to St, Agnes Alumni & send to 9 Glen Rd., Highland Falls, NY 10928. We thank you in
advance for your continued support. See you at the picnic!

Till then, God bless and stay well.

Art & Gloria


Alumni Newsletter Falls 2003

[Regretably, the Fall Alumni Newsletter is currently not availably]


Maltese, Mike L.
Wiska, Joe
Meisenzahl, Bill
Garcia, Angelo
Manganaro, John
Kingsley, Art
Panagakos, John
Bradicich, Frank
Antonacci, John J.
Schneider, Ron
Schneider, Walter
Feliciano, David T
Irizarry, Rich
Sanchez, Johnny
Silgevinck, Ernest J. Sr (aka Shillevinatz)
Rosich, Robert
Dillon, Donald
Coriano, Victor M, Sr.
Adames, Ramon
Stanaitis, Joe


  Schroeder, Walter
Keane, Robert R
Shea, Jim
Moriarty, Pat
Santana, Felix
Morales, Raul A.
Babcock, Robt.
Babcock, Raymond
Favre, George
White Joe
Dunn, James P.
Diaz, John
Roche, Mario D (AKA Miralda)
Casey, Bill
Rhatigan, John
Rhatigan, Mike
Spero, Greg
Schaeffer, Joe
Kaye, John H
MacMillan, Dave
Sister Reilly, Eileen
Sister Reilly, Patricia Ann
Sister Francis, James


  Sister, William, Mary
Sister Louise, Ann
Sister Morgan, Catherine Patricia


Alumni Newsletter Christmas 2003



Dear Alumnus/Friend:

Another year has passed and time to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Very Happy, Healthy New Year with God's blessings always. Again we say always remember the true meaning of Christmas & don't get caught up with the commercial end of the holidays.

ANNUAL PICNIC: As you know the picnic was held at the Piermont Pavilion this year and all those who attended thought it was a great change, a roof over our heads, all open on the sides, fans in the cealing, cooking facilities. IIt was requested we have it there again next August. We have many people to thank, John Manganaro, who again donated all the fresh picked corn & it was delicious, thanks, John. Dave MacMillan who did all the cooking great Job, Dave, thanks, Pat MacMillan who helped in the kitchen, Rich & Joyce Irizarry for the extra food & all the other, Dot Meisenzahl who helped with the tables, Bob Rosich who pitched in when he arrived, all the guys who helped clean up at the end & we did our share also, many thanks to all., if I forgot to mention anyone, I'M sorry. The list of those attending is attached. Winners of the raffle:
Greg Spero 1st Prize: $300.00
2nd Prize: Janet Karris (widow of George) $100.
3rd Prize: Greg Spero $50.00
4t h Prize Vince. Orlando 50.00
Greg Spero donated his winnings back to the Dominican Sisters, Janet was so appreciative, because she had a tax to pay & didn't know where she was goingto get the money. We want to thank all of you who supported the annual raffle, you are the greatest.

Rec'd a note from Gasper Cipolla, along with his dues. He missed the picnic again this year & was so disappointed, can't understand what happened to his newsletter & chance book, says he never received it. Sure hope you make it next August. He also would like to know if anyone has any info or whereabouts of "Bum" Fantana? Let us know, please.

John Antonacci informs us after 50 years of trying to locate Sister Marie Doherty, he finally had a wonderful visit with her when she flew up to St. Agnes for a meeting. He wanted to personally thank her for all the years of such care to the "Boys" while at St. Agnes. John Also informed us he went to see member, Wm Doherty who is quite ill at the VA Hosp in the Bronx. Please remember him in your prayers & drop him a card if you can, address was in the Spring Newsletter. John also told us his brother, Bob's race horse name is Cool Smoke.

Glad to hear member, Bill Wilson is feeling better, he keep busy with the American Legion as he is the Adjutant & Treasurer in his area. This past summer James Lundberg visited Elvin Rosa in Texas. They had a great time.

Rec'd a nice note from Vince & Mae McMahon from NJ along with his dues & donation, telling us how much they enjoy the letter. It keeps them abreast of what's going on. He also tells us NJ is the home of the World's Finest Tomatoes (private joke).

Rec'd a note from George Favre's wife Phyllis informing us her brother-in-law, member, Byron Favre died at age 69 on Apr 17th 2003, he was at St Agnes from late 30's thru 40's. Byron was a Marine veteran, earning the Purple Heart for injuries sustained in the service of his country. Byron lived in CT. with his wife of many years.

It was good to see Rod Dayton at the picnic, especially since he wrote & told us he had a serious operation June 20th. Hope all is going well for you now, Rod.

Victor Coriano inquired if anyone knows the whereabouts or address of Wade Lamont, St. Agnes (48-58) if so, would appreciate you letting us know & we will pass on the info.

Willie Perales writes & says how much he enjoys reading the newsletter it brings back so many memories. If anyone remembers him & would like to write his address is: W. Perales, 6048 Blefield Circle, Elk Grove, CA. 98758-6210.

A note from Jim Merna tells us he and brother, Jerry participated in all the activities at Wash. commeniorating the 50th anniv. of the end of the Korean War. Both Jim & Jerry were in the Marines, they were interviewed by CNN & local ABC stations.

We had a nice day with Fr. Masterson while here in Aug. We went to lunch & then visited the grounds where we were all raised. Father has been in Brazil for many years & loves the people. He said to be sure you all know you are in his prayers always.

I talked to Father Figueroa's sister & she tells me at the age of 70 he still puts in long hard hours of work every day even with sore legs & some numbness in the head, he works with a very poor group of people. She & Father appreciate your prayers & donations.

Always remember Father Figueroa, Father Masterson & Father Francis Butler, these men make great sacrifices each and every day & still they pray for all of us.

Recently we were thrilled to receive an invitation to a ground-braking ceremony at Sienna Hall, a new section is being built for the elderly Sisters with assistant living & we were really delighted to hear it is going to be named St. Agnes.

A nice note from David Kee (45-49) tells us his brother, Louis just returned home again, he is a world traveller, while in the Marine Corps he was in aviation soit was alltravel too. David, himselfhas retired & now enjoys playing golf. Hesaid he picked that gamew up because, as a "House's Kiud" he caddied as, many others did, at the Rockland County Club. Members did not play on Monday buy caddieswere allowed, so he played with whatever. We learned by imitatingthe swings of the people we caddied for. What a great treat that was for people watching, Ha.

We have a member who has lived & worked in Japan for many years & he wrote asking if there was any way he could obtain a 1949 TZ High School yearbook. He is willing to pay $50.00. I did inquire at the picnic but had no luck. If you can help please contact us, thank you.

Great to see Dot & Bill Meisenzahl at the picnic because they didn't think they could make it from VT. Also great to see Bob & Aida Rosich who drove up from FL.

Bernie Neville along with dues & donation told us how impressed he was with the Web Site Joe Stanaitis has set up, he enjoyed it so much. said Joe did
a great job so anyone with a WEB-Site send it to Joe, we do not have a computer so we can't help you.

Tom O'Brien asks us to put his email address in the newsletter, so here it is:

WEB SITE: Bernie Neville, along with dues & donation, told us how impressed he was with the web site Joe Stanaitis, David and Peter Feliciano have setup. He enjoyed it so much. Said they did a great job, so anyone with a web site or email address, send it to Joe.

Joe, David and Peter are keeping busy trying to get in touch with other alumnus. They are doing a great job, even have pictures. Their (two) email addresses are respectively:, and, and, and

We were saddened to receive a letter from the daughter of the late Alfred Banfield informing us he died 7/15/03. She said the connection with St. Agnes and the Dominican Sisters were so important to him.

At the picnic Sister Catherine Patricia Morgan asked if we would put the following in our next newsletter: Ask the "Boys" to send recollections of their time @ St Agnes and/or what they have done since leaving there, send to Sister Catherine P Morgan, Dominican Sisters, Rte 340, Sparkill, NY 10976. she would like to include it in the Sister's Newsletter in our column "House's Kids" which she writes nothing to do with this letter. Be sure to include name, address & phone number. Thanks.

DUES: Dues $10.00 for 2004 are payable any time, checks payable to St Agnes Alumni, 9 Glen Rd. Highland Falls, NY 10928'

R.I.P.: We regret the passing of four more members, our prayers go out to their families, they are: Byron Favre 4/17/03
Alfred Banfiel[?] 7/15/03
David F Fitzgerald 8/15/03
John J Bannon 9/22/03
John Bannon was one of the "Boys" and he was always good to the Sisters and also to the Alumni, we were recently informed that both were remembered in his will. Also Luis Reyes informs us that he & Cornelius were pallbearers & represented St Agnes at the funeral of David Fitzgerald in [illegable]

LAFF COLUMN One of dear Joe Rosen's closest friends sent us one of Joe's favorite jokes:
_Which is faster, hot or cold ? Hot is faster cause you can always catch cold.
_When I go golfing I always wear two pair of socks, in case I get a Hole In One.
_I went on a 45 day diet. It's great, I've already lost 30 days.
_Nancy offers her friend, Veronica, a ride home from work. During the drive, Veronica notices a brown bag on the front seat between them. It's A little bottle of wine says Nancy, I got it for my husband, Veronica nods, "good trade"

In closing again we wish you all a wonderful holiday & remember all the troops who are fighting in Iraq, God Bless them:


Fr. Francis Butler, SSJ
Our Mother of Mercy Church
PO Box 237
Church Point, LA. 70525-0237
Padre Eduardo Figueroa, OMI
CAIXA Postal 1850
Recife', Pernambuco
Brazil, S.A.
CEP 50001-970
Father Raymond Masterson
CAIXA postal 117
Campo, Sao Paulo
Brazil S.A.
CEP 13010-190

Our Best Always & God Bless!

[signed] Art , Gloria

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