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March 2011:

Dear Alumnus and Friends;

As you probably noticed there was no newsletter in December or January simply because no one sent any news and remember this is your letter! I just recently received a few notes, so I am sending a March letter.

I pray everyone had a blessed Christmas and that you stay well in the New Year.

I recently received a letter from a lawyer in California informing me that Cornelius O'Neil, who lived alone in a trailer in California, was found dead on November 26, 2010. The lawyer was inquiring if Cornelius had any siblings or family since he left no will. I inquired at St. Agnes and was told according to his records he had no siblings etc. So I don't know what will happen. I haven't heard any more about it. It is very sad.

Father Masterson phoned me from Brazil to let me know he received the Christmas check from the alumni and wanted to thank all for it. He sends his blessings and regards to all, he could not write because he caught his hand in a door and was so painful, he could not hold a pen. Thank God he had no broken bones. He is looking forward to attending the Alumni picnic in August. It is summer in Brazil right now. He said they were having terrible rain and lightning storms there. They even had some people killed from the storms. We did not have the rain but boy did we have the snow and ice storms. I think I will have some snow in my front yard in June, because it is piled so high. According to statistics every state except Florida had snow this year at the same time and that's a first.

Father Francis Butler also wrote to thank us for his Christmas check. He too is praying for all the Alumni and sends his very best to all. He hopes someday to be able to attend the Alumni picnic. Right now he is kept busy, as are most priests nowadays. There just aren't enough clergy to go around, so we will have to keep praying for men and women to consider joining the religious orders.

I received a phone call recently from Tony Perez (cl 63-68) he was so excited he found a web site for St. Agnes and got in touch with John Antonacci and David Feliciano who told him we had a mailing list so he called had a nice chat. He and his wife live on a farm in Pennsylvania that his wife inherited and they plan on making an orchard. He said he remembers Mr. O'Brien at St. Agnes, said he and the nuns were good to them. Nice talking to you Tony and hope we see you at the picnic in August.

We wish more of the younger alumni would get in touch and get on the mailing list.

David MacMillan is doing fine after having the fourth stent implanted due to blood clots, so glad everything went well for David.

Congratulations to Joe Stanaitis who wrote a book "Nine years under the cross". Joe was at St. Agnes (1946-1955). The Harvard Book store, attn; Brad Lennon, 1256 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138 published the book. They print when ordered and usually takes two weeks. The price is $21.95 including shipping. It is three hundred and eighty six pages of easy reading. Joe appreciates all who order one. He had this on his mind a long time and it finally became a reality. He and his brother Roger were at St. Agnes for nine years. Good luck Joe and hope they get a lot of orders.

Haven't heard from Father Figueroa in a long time and pray that he is doing ok. He had open heart surgery and he still wants to stay in Brazil and help the poor. Knowing him, I'm sure he is still trying to do that. He works so hard, may God bless him.

Received a letter from Felix P Valle informing us that his brother Emilio passed away July 15, 2009 after a three year courageous battle with brain cancer. There was one year difference in age between them and attended St. Agnes from 1955 to 1968. Emilio graduated from college majoring in sociology for children. He was a very hard worker and loved the N.Y. Yankees and Giants and a big fan of Frank Sinatra. Felix took care of his brother the last six months of his life. He misses him very much and knows he is in heaven. Our prayers and thoughts are with you Felix and thanks for the letter.

Along with a generous donation, Jim Merna informed us his son John was promoted to full colonel in the Marine Corps.Needless to say his dad is very proud, Jim also wrote Coach Faulk was born Feb 2nd he would have been one hundred and three years old, he was only seventy seven years old when he passed away in 1985. Jim named one of his sons after the coach. Thanks for the info and take care. Many of you remember playing sports under coach Faulk's supervision. I remember my dear beloved husband telling me when he played football at St. Agnes, they had to wash out the garbage truck the night before a game because that was their means of transportation to the games. St. Agnes always had a great football team. One time Artie told me he was tackled by the opposite team and was knocked out for twenty-four hours. That did not stop him from playing in the future; he loved every bit of it.

In 1946 when Coach Faulk came out from midnight mass, he said to Joe Rosen who was there "Joe, we have to start an alumni." That was the beginning and Joe was appointed temporary president. Temporary advising committee was Art Kingsley, Henry Holdner, Dan Reilly, William Polzella and Robert Rosario. Honoree advisers were Mother Beatrice, Sr. M. Stella, Sr M. Ignatius, and Sr. Wm. Vincent.

The alumni will be sixty-five years old this year and I sure wish more of the alumni would try to attend the picnic and make it a memorable event. That is a long time for alumni to stay together and stay active. Please give it a serious thought. (Just a little history how the alumni started.)

John Diaz wrote a song "Where have all the homebound boys gone?" John sent me a copy and I will include it in the next letter, thank you John, so nice of you.

Received a letter from Joe Antonacci from Florida letting us know that he and his wife are enjoying retirement and staying healthy, thank God. Joe wrote Christmas cards and writes to several of the elderly nuns at St. Agnes and the first part of the letter reads; "I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Please try to gain your health, remain strong and straight throughout the year. I will remember you and your caregivers in my prayers" he closed with the following " I thank my Dominican mentors for introducing and entrusting me in the Catholic faith. Prayer has seen me through many times and several near death experiences. I thank you and your colleagues for touching my life and I hope you will remember me in your prayers." Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

As you know our annual picnic has always been the third Saturday of August, however this year it is the second Saturday in August due to the fact someone else has the pavilion reserved ahead of us. More on that a little later.

R.I.P: Emilio Valle 7/15/2009, Cornelius O'Neil 11/26/2010, May their souls rest in peace.

REMEMBER; Just remember to take a few minutes each day and say a little prayer for our brave men and women in the service of our country, also their families. All are making such sacrifice's that we may have peace in the world

DUES; Ten dollars a year are payable anytime. Please make check out to St. Agnes Alumni and mail them to;
9 Glen Road,
Highland Falls, N.Y. 10928.

I thank those who have already paid.

1. Why did the cook get arrested? He was caught beating an egg!
2. Wife: "I just got back from the beauty parlor". Husband: What was the matter was it closed?
3. Did you hear about the man who asked the bellboy to carry his bag? The bellboy came over and picked up his wife.
4. 1 asked my grandfather if he watched "Saturday Night Live." He said "so far".

In closing please send me some news of yourself and family so there can be a next letter. Stay well and God Bless


[Signed] Gloria Kingsley

Alumni Newsletter Summer 2011

St. Agnes Alumni
Nine Glen Road
Highland Falls, N.Y. 10928
Phone: 1-845-446-4091

July, 2011

Dear Alumnus & Friends:

Here we are in the summer of 2011 and I ask myself "what happened to spring"? This year I guess it got washed away. I hope you are all well and enjoy the summer and if you are traveling on vacation have a good time and return safely.

Ray Adames and his wife were vacationing in Florida this past winter and decided to get in touch with Joyce and Rich Irizarry. He found out it was a two hour drive to Naples, Florida from where they were staying, so they took the drive. They had lunch with Joyce and Rich and spent the rest of the day relaxing with them. Ray and his wife will not be at the annual picnic this year. They will be in Italy visiting their son and his family. Their son is stationed there with the military. Have a great time!

Joyce and Rich Irizarry flew up from Florida recently to settle the closing on the sale of their beautiful home in Palisades, N. Y. While here they stayed at the Holiday Inn in Sparkill where they had a suite, Joyce contacted a few of the Alumni and we met at the Holiday Inn and then went to dinner. After dinner we returned to their suite and had a great time visiting them. They returned to Florida two days later where they now make their home. Joyce still goes to therapy for the knee that she had surgery on and is getting better every day.

Received a nice letter from Patrick Rooney saying how much he enjoys the newsletter. He wrote that his wife had a surprise eighty-birthday party for him in March. She told him that just the two of them and their children were going out to dinner. When he got to the restaurant, forty people, some from Kern University where he used to work, friends from Connecticut and North Carolina, greeted him. Every one had a great time. Pat and his wife are taking a trip to County "Sligo" Ireland where his mother and father were from. They are going in the last week of August, so he is still going to make the picnic. It will be good to see him again and thanks for the nice letter. Have a great trip and enjoy it all and a belated Happy Birthday!

I recently received a letter and picture from Dan Perano from Japan, informing us his father Stephen (member of the alumni) died at the age of ninety-one. He lived and taught in Japan for many years. He was one of the oldest alumni member, God rest his soul.

A note from Fr. Figueroa informs us of his new address.

RECIFE' P.E. 50010-970

He expressed his deep gratitude for the Easter check from the alumni and said they need the help badly; the dollar is still very tight there. Their Evangelization program with the poor who live in the swamps demand much time and creativity and rehab. They come for a free meal once a day. At present one of their objective is to buy twelve more homes. Each home costs eight to ten thousand dollars. The young adults will help as much as they can.

Received a nice card from John Coriano saying how much he enjoys the newsletter, also telling me his wife Lydia is a hair dresser and works with the Sisters doing their hair which they thoroughly love just like any other girls do. John and Lydia work at Dowling Gardens and at the convent. Some of the nuns still wear the Habit. It is so nice to see that and let them know. John. I am going to put your joke in the next newsletter. I don't have room at this time because I heard from so many people.

I received a very nice letter from David Kee. He is looking forward to attending the picnic this year and hopes his brother Lou will be with him. Lou is always on foreign trips with his job. His travels arc over all the world, but David says he thinks Lou is getting a little tired or is it that he is eighty-one years old. After David spent thirty years in the United States Marine Corp, twelve years as a deputy sheriff, one year with the United Nations Police Task force in Bosnia and Herzegovina he decided in 2000 at the ripe age of sixty eight to hand up his gun belt and devote some time to enjoying golf as he says " its always a good thing to have a goal in life and this seems frivolous as it comes fifty one years working for a living". So nice hearing from you, David, and look forward to seeing you in August.

I also received a nice letter along with some pictures from Marty Crowe from Hawaii. Thank God the tsunami that rocked Kona did not damage his home or injure anyone he knew, but it left three houses floating in the bay, and destroyed many more. Marty said his uncle who is ninety-eight, went to Ireland to visit his sister Nora, who is one hundred years old, and is his Godmother. She used to write him several times while he was at St. Agnes. Nice hearing from you and thanks for the pictures. I will take them to the picnic and share them with the alumni. Also very glad you survived the tsunami.

William Perales (Ca) wrote a little news about his life. He was a young Staff Sgt. in the United States Marine Corp, married his wife Keine December 24,1958. They will celebrate fifty-three years of happiness in December 24,2011. They have five grandchildren and one on the way in June. Thanks for writing, stay well and congratulations on your anniversary.

A nice note was received from the nephew of the late Mike Maltese, his nephew attends our picnic. He said he read the book Joe Stanaitis wrote and it gave him a strong feeling of being there as he explained everything so well. The nephew said he had three uncles and aunt at St. Agnes. The kids received a good education, food, sleeping quarters etc. The home produced good citizens, as did other convents.

A nice Easter card arrived from Rod Dayton with a note saying he had taken a trip to Palm Coast, Florida to visit Carlos Morales who just had a kidney transplant and was doing quite well, thank God. While visiting Carlos, Rod stayed at their home. Carlos and his wife are blessed with a new grandchild and they send everyone their best regards.

A long letter from Ted Mead from Canada was received. I can't fit all of it in the newsletter so I will write some of what Ted wrote. He said he was at St. Agnes from 1943-1949, before that he was in foster homes. He admits he was a "wise guy and knew all the answers". The coach got him a job in Spring Valley at a bakery and also got him a place to live, for a guy always on my case, he was always looking out for me. However it did not last long, there were two other guys living in the same place, and they stole ice and got away with it. He was charged and taken to court. The judge gave him forty eight hours community service. He joined the Air Force after that and spent ten years in the service, then move to Newfoundland, married a girl named Theresa, and have been married fifty-eight years, seven children, and 18 grandchildren. He says he owes a lot to St. Agnes for making him a better person. He is now seventy-eight years old. Only two of the men you mentioned are on the alumni mailing list so I will send them your address as you requested.

Recently on the sick list, but doing much better now are:
John Antonacci was hospitalized a while with pneumonia.
David Mac Millan had a cataract operation on both eyes.
Joe Stanaitis had back problems as a result of an accident at home this past winter.
Glad to know all are doing much better.

Dues: Annual dues are ten dollars payable anytime. Please make the check out to St. Agnes Alumni
and mail it to
St. Agnes Alumni
Nine Glen Road
Highland Falls, New York 10928

In closing John Diaz wrote a song, which I have enclosed with this letter.

Poidomani, Salvatore 2/26/2011
Perano, Stephen 2/11/2011
Callahan, Peter 2/25/2011
Silgevinck, E. Unknown

May they rest in Peace!

Notice: A chance book is enclosed if your means can afford it. We appreciate your continued support, as it is our main resource to keep this newsletter going. Please make the check out St. Agnes Alumni and return stubs and check to the address at the beginning of the newsletter

Laff Column:
Of course Santa is jolly, you'd be jolly too if you came off an eleven month vacation!
Was your wife outspoken? Not by anyone I know of.
I wonder if my husband will love me when my hair is gray? Why not, he loved your three shades already.
When geese listen to horror stories do they get "people lumps"?

Please take five minutes each day to remember our service men and women and their families who are making such sacrifices while serving our country all over the world.


Annual Picnic
Saturday Aug 13, 2011
Pavilion, Piermont, New York 12:00 noon till?????
Please make an effort to attend, as it is the sixty-fifth anniversary.

Till next time, take care and God Bless all of you.

    [Signed] Gloria


Where have all the Homeboys gone

They found us in the ghettos of old New York

and raised us to be men who were tough as nails

With a chip on our shoulders and a swagger to our walk

we feared not life, nor wars, nor jails

Where have all the Homeboys gone

Where oh where do my brothers roam

No matter where you wander I want you to know

that Jesus is with you wherever you go

Some lay on the battlefields abroad

some settled in towns across our land

Others were chosen to serve the Lord

as only we - the Homeboys can

Where have all the Homeboys gone

where oh where do my brothers roam

I hope and pray they found a home

cause they don't deserve to die alone

John J. Diaz



Alumni Newsletter Christmas 2011

St. Agnes Alumni
Nine Glen Road
Highland Falls, N.Y. 10928
Phone: 1-845-446-4091

Christmas 2011

Dear Alumnus and Friends;

First I have to apologize for not sending out a fall letter, but I had to take care of some personal matters of my own and it took longer than I thought. The days seem to slip by so fast.

I will start by telling you all about the annual picnic. It was a great success, but I wish more of the alumni would show. We had lots of good food, desserts, soda, water, coffee, tea, and good friends (all free).

A big "Thank You" to David and Pat MacMillan and their son Kenneth, also Pat Moriarty's wife Debbie, they did a super job in the kitchen as usual and on the behalf of the alumni, I say we are most thankful.

The first person David MacMillan saw when he arrived was his brother John from California. He was in the area visiting his daughter and stopped by. Both of them had a great time together.

It's nice to see the Babcock brothers who are so faithful in attending and donating to the alumni. They always bring a baseball bat and glove and get a ball game going. They have a great time, even Rudy Loyola, who drives down from Vermont with his wife and son, was out there catching in center field with a big smile on his face (eighty years old). He still has his barber shop in Vermont. God bless you Rudy and stay well.

I would like to thank all those who supported the raffle and many included their dues which help a lot with the cost of printing and mailing. I want to thank John Antonacci for buying twenty raffle books and put the Nun's names on them, thanks to Don Dillon who also sold extra books.

The winners of the raffle are:

1. First Prize of Five Hundred; Pat Baez, daughter of member George Baez, Brooklyn, N.Y
2. Second Prize of Three Hundred dollars; Phil and Julie Flotard., Pearl River, N.Y.
3. Third Prize of One Hundred Dollars, Jeri Novellino (present) no address
4. Fourth Prize of One Hundred Dollars: Pedro Rodriquez, Bronx, N.Y.

Congratulations to all!

It was good to see five sets of brothers at the picnic (The Babcocks, The Lawtons, The MacMillans, The Romans, and The Rondons) and they all said they had a good time. We had a new member attend this year, John Haggerty (class 1952-1959) who never knew there was an alumni until his daughter saw it on the internet and told him, he enjoyed mixing with people, etc. and stayed till the end.

Gerry Merna drove up from Maryland and he looked good after just recuperating from an operation. I learned Gerry just got out of the hospital again, this time to take care of three blockages in his heart. He will start rehab soon to get his strength back. Our prayers and thoughts are with you Gerry, you can't keep a good guy down!

Also since the picnic David MacMillan had a fifth stent put in to clear a blood clot; he also had a double cataract operation, but had some side effects after the operation. He will have some additional repairs made December 20, 2011. Hope all goes well Dave, and you will be your good old self again.

Frank Bradicich had a hernia operation a day before the picnic and even though he was in a lot of pain, his daughter and family brought him to the picnic. Hope you are feeling fine now Frank.

Ray Adames and wife could not attend the picnic this year because they were visiting their son, who is serving his country and is stationed in Italy. Hope the both of you had a nice time. Speaking of Italy, Joyce and Rich Irizarry had a two week vacation in Italy this summer. They had a great time, even attending a cooking course while there. They said it was fun.

"Chip" Cipolla wrote a nice letter saying he is now retired from teaching, keeping in shape doing push-ups and keeps busy painting in acrylics which are shown in stores and at shows. He is also entertaining on cruise ships and has been all over the world. He wrote that he learned dancing at the age of five at St. Agnes. I enjoyed your letter and the sketch, keep up the good work and enjoy your retirement for many years to come. You must be taking all the right vitamins, ha!

Received word Rogelio Padro became a chaplain, July 1, 2011 at Providence, Rhode Island and now is assigned to Lehigh County Prison, Pennsylvania. Congratulation and good luck.

A note from Ted Mead from Canada saying how much he enjoys reading the newsletter. He said it boosts his morale because he has been feeling down lately. He can't travel anymore and that is why he never attends the picnic. I do hope each day things will be looking up for you!

Received a nice letter from Bill and Dot Meisenzahl saying they just sold their big house in Vermont and moved to an apartment in a different part of Vermont. In the letter they wrote that it was getting to be too much work etc, in the house since all the children are on their own. Bill was going to drive down to the picnic but the doctor advised it was too far to drive. He was disappointed. Good luck and stay well!

Father Butler sent pictures of the renovations in his church, saying it took a lot of work. He also wrote sadly informing us his dear mother had passed away at the age of ninety-five. He visited her every night and said the rosary with her. Our prayers and sympathy are with you Father. May she rest in peace!

David Kee and his brother Louis came all the way from California to the picnic. Their sister lives in the area, so they got to visit her while they were here.

Paul Fabrizi, who has a beautiful singing voice and sings in a barbershop quartet, led everyone in signing God Bless America. It was a great gesture and a great thought.

Received a nice note and donation from the daughters of the late Mr. Griffin who taught at St. Agnes (1949-1957). The girls never knew much about their father who died when they were very young. They met and were so happy after having a long chat with Bernie Neville who remembered their father at last year's picnic. Thank you ladies for your donation to the alumni and stay well.

Robert Polliza (1952-1953) who was never on the mailing list but did write to an alumnus, who sent us a note that Robert had written a little history of himself. They said he made the military his living and was promoted to Major very fast. He was married and had four children and three grandchildren. Sadly to say Robert passed away at the age of seventy-three.

Many of you remember Mr. O'Brien from St. Agnes. He wrote a note saying if any of you would like to contact or talk to him you can e-mail him at TOBREF@AOL.COM He was so happy to get in touch with Tony Perez and Felix Velez.

Glad to add two new names to the mailing list,
1. John Lundin, he was at St. Agnes in 1962 and now lives in Woodbury, Conn.
2. George Barilla, now living in Germantown, Maryland

Since this is the Christmas letter I would like to wish all

A Blessed Christmas and a Very Happy and Healthy New Year.

Polliza, Robert died June 25, 2011
Altomare, John died December 7, 2011

May they rest in peace!

Please take five minutes each day and say a prayer for our service men and women and their families who are making so many sacrifices, so there can be peace all over the world.

Again, I'm sorry for the delay in writing. Till the next time God Bless!

[Signed] Gloria Kingsley

Those who attended picnic 2010
  Names Yrs/ St Agnes   Names Yrs/St Agnes
Antonacci, John
Babcock, Bob
Babcock, Ken
Babcock, Ray
Bradicich, Frank
Casey, Bill
Crispino, Luigi
Dillon, Don
Fabrizzi, Paul
Favre, George
Garcia, Angel
Haggerty, John P.
Kee, David
Kee, Louis
Loyola, Rudy
Lyles, Frank
Kaye, John

Lawton, Peter
Lawton, Mark
MacMillan, David
MacMillan, John
Masterson, Raymond Fr.
Merna, Jerry
Morales, Raul A
Moriarty, Pat
Rodriquez, Daniel
Roman, Louis
Roman, Raymond
Rondon, Angel
Rondon, F.
Rondon, Thomas
Rooney, Pat
Schroder, Walter
White, Joe
Nuns That Attended

Sr. Marie Anton
Sr. JoAnne Deas
Sr. Jeanne Deas
Sr. Catherine Duignan

Sr. Rose Michael
Sr. Catherine Tahaney
Sr, Marie Vinney


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