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Spring ,08


Sorry I did not get an Easter Greeting out this year, but Easter was earl and I came down with a very bad case of bronchitis which took everything out of me, including my appetite. Thank God I'm doing better now. hope everyone a blessed Easter & enjoy Spring & Summer.

In early January Joyce & Rich Irizarry invited a few Alumnus & wives for a day of reminiscing when you walked in you saw a platter of bologna & mustard sandwiches on the table plus cupcakes with writing on top read "House's Kids" are the best & Rich remembered at Christmas at St. The kids were given a small box with hard candy in it, he tried to get same but could not find them so he got. the same kind of boxes which had animal crackers. After talking about old times, a nice spread was put on the table including many delicious pastries. It was a great day; one we will never forget.

We wish Joyce & Rich the best in their new home they had built in Naples, FL. Enjoy in good health.

John Antonacci & wife have moved from NYC to New London, CT. where they have owned a home we wish you both the very best.

Congratulations to Father Ronald Ciaravolo, PO Box 898, Montauk, NY 1'1954-0702 "House's Kid" from the 50's, who celebrated his Golden Jubilee of ordination recently, God Bless you Father.

Nice hearing from John Dundon every now & then, John is in a care place in Spring Lake, NJ & says the people are very nice to him.

Just rec'd a note from Aida Figueroa, sister of Father Ed, she was leaving for Brazil to spend time with Father Ed on his 75th Birthday Apr 20th he has spent 47 years in Recife'. Brazil working with the poor, God bless him. We wish him many more happy birthdays & stay well.

A note from Jim Merna informs us his son, John who has been as Marine Officer for 19 years has been selected to attend the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle, PA. It is quite an honor as he is one of only 14 infantry battalion commanders in the Marine Corps today. Graduates receive a Master's Degree in strategic studies, the students are hand picked. Congratulations John & the best of luck in school.

Note from Peter Callahan informs us he & wife lived in FL for 30 yrs & now have lived in TX for 2 years after retiring from the County in FL. Enjoy your retirement, Peter in good health.

Rec'd a beautiful Christmas card from Lorenzo Calderon &. wife with a note attached. Lorenzo informs us he is no 71 yrs old but the memories of being at St Agnes will be with him forever, he is grateful for all who were there for him. He said all the guys there were like brothers they helped guide him & protected him. That helped him to grow into a productive citizen of this great country. What a nice letter, Lorenzo. Thanks so much & keep in touch.

Rec'd a nice note from Barney Kiernan along with a generous check. Barney informed us where he lives in Burlington, VT. they had 100 inches of snow this past winter & he & his wife were sick a lot but now are doing OK. Their grandchildren help with that. Thanks Barney, nice hearing from you. Hope the spring & summer will be much better for you.

EARLY REMINDER : Mark your calendar for the Annual Picnic to be held this summer, Saturday AUGUST 16th at Piermont Pavilion, more in the July letter

R.I.P.: As I have said in the past, it is always sad to have names under this heading:

12/1/07 Sister Catherine Brennan -
12/18/07 Drake, Raymond, retired Police Officer in Suffolk Co. -
12/22/07 Sister Marie M Pickles 93 yrs
1/26/08 Wellington, Helena , wife of member Stephen Wellington -
1/20/08 Norris, Harold, brother of member Thomas, Harold was CL of 54 TZ & a great boxer in his day. -
2/27/08 Sister Theresa Francis Curran -
3/5/08 Sister Mary Linus, twin sister of Sister Alberta.

Our prayers & thoughts are with all the families of the deceased.

Always take time to remember the troops who are serving our country.

" Lord hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as they protect us. Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. I ask this in the name of Jesus, our Lord & Savior".

Till the next time, take good care & God Bless always.

[signed] ART & GLORIA


Alumni Newsletter Summer 2008

TEL: 845-446-4091

JUL, 08

Dear Alumnus/Friend,

Can you believe we are in the summer of '08? Where does the time go? Hope all are well and enjoying each & every day with the beautiful flowers & nice fresh vegetables.


Rec'd a phone call from Rod Dayton who is very busy with his job as a tour guide & he travels all over, he wanted to know if anyone knows the whereabouts of Carlos Morales who was at St Agnes 53-55; he then joined the Navy; if so please let us know & we will forward it to Ron, Carlos is not on our mailing list so we could not help him.

Rec'd a nice note along with generous check from Bernie Neville, he rec'd a nice Biog of Father Ronnie; that's what he was called at St Agnes. He told him he has a full & rewarding life as a priest. He knew very young he wanted that vocation. A lot of his Bio brought back memories, Bernie said.

Rec'd a very interesting letter from John Strapak out of CA. He recalls he & Frank Rodriquez were altar boys & sung in the choir. The last he ever heard from him was that he was a Dominican Brother. If anyone has his address please let us know. John also wrote a story about when he was in the service & serving in Vietnam, he met a classmate from St Ages, but I could not read the name so I ask John again please send me the name but print it so I can put it in the next letter. That's the things we like to hear.

A note from Nick Marcigliano informs us John Coughlin died on May 10th 08 after a battle with lung cancer. John was best man at Nick's wedding 55 yrs ago. He said he lost a great friend. Sorry to hear that Nick & thanks for letting us know.

A note from Frank Nolan along with a check in memory of Joe Rosen, Frank tells us he remembers Joe in his prayers every night. He said Joe was like a brother to the Nolan family. Joe was such a dear friend to many people & is still missed very much.

A note from "Iggy" Molerio along with check; he states he was always a Convent Kid, never a "House's Kid'', the kids that lived in the house were Mentors & never liked but he still loved all the kids & the Sisters of St Agnes. Hope to see Iggy at the picnic in Aug. Thanks Iggy.

Father Figueroa sent a thank you note to all for the Easter donation. He still is working very hard from morning to nigh with a Clinic School named "Guardian Angel" mothers come with their under-nourished deficient children they learn & share what could & should be continued. Holy Light Garden is where the very very poor find a place, space & they are located near a slum. They are our neighbors. Take care, Father we will keep you in our prayers.

May 17th rec'd a phone call from Ralph Pollice, had a wonderful conversation about St Agnes, etc. & at the end, before hanging up, Ralph said a beautiful prayer for us. It was very touching! Thanks so much Ralph. We do appreciate it, Ralph was class of 1933-42.

Sr. Peggy Scarano celebrates 44 yrs as a Dominican Nun this year & as you know she works so had raising funds for the Dominicans. She is very happy in her calling & her work. Congratulations Sister. She also informs us that in May the Dominican Sisters of Sparkill celebrated their 132nd Anniversary. They ask your prayers. As always they will remember all the Alumni.

Artie & I want to thank the Sisters of Sparkill for all their prayers while he was in the hospital & back home, also we want to thank John Antnacci for informing a lot of the Alumni through the internet & his personal prayers. It meant so very much & as we said that is what got him a through tough time in the hospital & recovery. Thank God & all of you again! He is doing good & back to himself.

Remember, this is your letter so please send us some news about you, your family, etc. We need it so we can make it interesting

DUES: Annual dues $10.00 are due anytime. Make checks payable to St Agnes Alumni & send to above address, it helps the printing, postage & envelopes

R.I.P, Sorry to say we have a couple names to mention:
Arthur P Willets 4/4/08
(my classmate) John Coughlin 5/10/08.

May their souls rest in peace. Our prayers go out to the families.


LET 'S MAKE IT A BLAST! It is such a great yearly get-together so try your best to attend. After all the Alumni is 62 yrs old this year, started in 1946.

Bring games, bat & ball, etc. If anyone is donating food this year, please let us know 2 weeks ahead, PH: 845-446-4091, last year there was so much food & we sure do not want to waste any. Thanks for all your kindness . Alumni will furnish the usual & have coffee & donuts in the morning

WHEN: Sat. Aug 16, 08.
WHERE: Piermont Pavilion (Piermont, NY )
TIME: 11:00 AM till ??

We received a phone call from Brazil from Father Masteron informing us he will be coming to the States to spend a few weeKs at Dominican Convent so will be attending the Annual Picnic in August, look forward to seeing you Father.


Going through some old papers recently, I found a few of dear Joe's jokes so thought you would like to share them with me.
--Why is it illegal for cats to be tried by a jury of peers? the reason is obvious. It would be purr jury.
--What's worse than raining cats & dogs? Hailing buses.
--Why in church do we say Amen: instead of a woman? Because we sing hymns not hers.
--What do canoes and children have in common? They both work better when paddled from behind
--Do you know why the farmer called his pigs Ink? Because he always kept running out of the pen.
--What do you call a Nun who walked in her sleep? A Roman Catholic.

Always take time to remember the troops who are serving our country "Lord hold them & their families for their sacrifices in your loving hands Protect them as they protect us bless them for their selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. I ask this in the name of Jesus, our Lord& Savior".


Till the next time, take good care & God Bless Always

[signed] Art & Gloria

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