Merna Family and Friends

George Charles Merna: Biography
Gerald "Jerry" Merna: Biography Bio Cover Letter.05/10/04
James Merna: BioPhotos
Richard Merna: BioPhotos
Robert Merna: BioPhotos
Thomas G. Merna: Biography05/10/04

Letters / eMail:
Gerald "Jerry" Merna:
To/From Gerald "Jerry" Merna The Quietest, Strongest Marine Hero I knew 05/06/04 Friendship.04/08/04 Sand and Stone.05/13/07
Bio Letter 05/10/04 Bio Cover Letter. 05/12/04 To John Antonacci: Brother Joseph10/12/04
Piermont News: (as received from Bob Samuels): Worker demolishing landmark09/03/04
From Joseph Stanaitis: 50th Alumni Association Reunion at St. Agnes Home For Boys.10/12/04
Re: 50th Alumni Assoc Reunion: Millspaugh Bob-GFM 13Oct05 ltr returning Faulk pictures11/11/05
To Ron Lunn: Photo from ROL 10/12/04 To Jim Merna: In The Field Korea -1952 12/07/04
Gung Ho: To/From Jim Holton05/10/05 Camp Shanks: To Joseph R. Stanaitis; David T. Feliciano05/14/05
Camp Shanks Story: To Joseph R. Stanaitis; David T. Feliciano 05/14/05
Re: Photos of Coach Faulk: From/To: Gerald F. Merna and Louis Reyes 11/24/05
Here's a way to SUPPORT OUR TROOPS: From/To: David D. Perlmutter.05/24/05
Dual MOH (Medals of Honor). (By Gerald F. Merna)07/01/05
Patron Saints (By Gerald F. Merna)07/06/05 Jeruselem Obit (Forwarded By Gerald F. Merna)05/14/06
The Definition of Semper Fidelis. (Forward By Gerald F. Merna)07/07/05
Letters: Impressions of Korean War: By Lois A. Kaplan. From Greg Flotard to Jerry Merna.07/05/06
Subject: St. Agnes Alumni 60th Anniversary Dedication.09/11/06
Subject: Thank You.09/11/06
Subject: Our Town, August 23rd.09/11/06
Subject: Jerry Merna and David Kee at St. Agnes Alumni 60th Annual Reunion & Memorial Dedication.09/11/06
Subject: Christmas At Arlington Cemetary, VA.12/25/07
Subject: Hennessey and Delarosa.09/06/06
Subject: PHOTOS STORED IN AN OLD BROWNIE CAMERA04/22/08 Subject: When A Soldier Comes Home05/25/09

NewsClips: National Defense Magazine 07/19/98: Forwarded By Jerry Merna

Gerald "Jerry" Merna:
50th Anniversity of The End of Korean War.
Pictorial Essay of 50th Anniversary, End of Korean War.
St. Agnes Alumni 2004 Reunion: All photos by Gerald F. Merna
St. Dominic's Blauvelt, NY, 1940’s: Karen and Roberta
Medals of Honor (By Gerald F. Merna)
2005 Reunion: Photo SlideShow: By Bob Keane, Joe Stanaitis, Jerry Merna & David T. Feliciano
Photos: St Agnes Memorial Day Salute By Jerry Merna
Photos: Merna Military Family Montage By Jerry Merna
Photos: Marine Stamps Dedication Ceremony By Jerry Merna (These photos may take time to load. Please be patient.)
Photos: McHugh-McAvinue-Kee-Trask et al. By Jerry Merna

Stories / Articles / Anecdotes:
Gerald "Jerry" Merna:
A Long Way From Guadalcanal. Extreme Marine Leadership. Quietest Strongest Marine Hero.
Donald Francis Antonacci: "Houses Kid", Patriot, and Hero 1937 - 1990
St. Agnes Alumni Association Golden Jubilee: Remarks by Gerald F. Merna at 50th Anniversary Reunion.
Vets Seek Donations For Piermont Statue. Forwarded By Gerald "Jerry" Merna
A Christmas to Remember... Aurthor Unknown: (Forwarded by William E. Wells, II and Jerry Merna)
Military Awards: Earned or Not, Was The Criteria Met? (By Gerald F. Merna)
Gen. Hochmuth Story: By Gerald F. Merna, 1stLt USMC (Ret.)
Dark Horse Six - Col. Taplett Tribute: By Gerald F. Merna, 1stLt USMC (Ret.)
We Lost A Wonderful Leader - Lt. Gen. Skibbie Tribute: By Gerald F. Merna, 1stLt USMC (Ret.)
A Tribute To Coach Jim Faulk - Cover Letter: By Gerald F. Merna, 1stLt USMC (Ret.)
A Tribute To Coach Jim Faulk - Pictorial: By Gerald F. Merna, 1stLt USMC (Ret.)
Fr. Ray Masterson Remembrance By GFM - Cover Letter 3/19/14 Fr. Ray Masterson Remembrance By GFM - Pictorial 3/19/14
General Dempsey On July 30th 2014 - Pictorial: By Gerald F. Merna, 1stLt USMC (Ret.)
In Memory of Hugh J. “MAC” McAvinue - A Tribute - January 24, 2015: By Gerald F. Merna, 1stLt USMC (Ret.)
Leatherneck Magazine, Nov 05, Story On Marine Stamps 6/28/15 The Tattoo Poem with pics V5, 11 Aug 02 6/28/15
Letters From Vietnam By GFM 6/28/15 E25 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines, 1st Marine Div, Korea, 1953 6/28/15
Barbershops Baseball Caps and Buddies 6/28/15 1stBn, 5th Marines, 1st Marine Division, Korea 1952 6/28/15
The Seven Merna Siblings: From Dominican Convents To The Beyond: Pictorial Story 9/8/15
A Thank You From Gen Dempsey 9/8/15 4 Vietnam Stories by GFM 9/8/15
Aerospace Industry Defines Course at Farnsborough Show 9/8/15 Cooperation Seen as Path to Industrial Profitability 9/8/15
Leatherneck Magazine, Mar 05, Extreme Leadership 9/8/15 Here's Health to You and to Our Corps 9/8/15
A CHRISTMAS VISIT TO ARLINGTON (2015) by Gerald F. Merna 12/27/15
RETIREMENT OF LT-COL MELINDA F. GRAFTON (Dec. 11, 2015) by Gerald F. Merna 3/23/16
MEDAL OF HONOR CEREMONY JULY 1, 1983 by Gerald F. Merna 3/23/16
A Memorable Visit to the White House, March 12, 1968 by Gerald F. Merna 3/23/16
Marine Jerry Merna Meets Navy MOH Recipient Thomas G. Kelley, March. 14, 2016 by Gerald F. Merna 3/23/16
ALL IN THE FAMILY-By James E. Merna-Apr2016 4/27/16

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