To: Undisclosed Recipients
Sent: Tuesday, May 24, 2005 11:21 PM
Subject: Support Our Troops

It's a shame you don't really say how you feel about "Supporting Our Troops!"
The very first sentence in your response that "there is nothing like a good Marine when he (and I'll add "she")  is pissed off.
That pithy comment "fits like a glove" in summing up this whole subject. You and I have talked about "Supporting the Troops" and "Protecting Our Country" many times in the past, and I can always count on you to add your unique "expletive attributives" and special forcefulness of expression
to subjects that need and deserve those
Sometimes it takes just such strong "language" to "shock" a few folks into understanding that "supporting our troops" extends far beyond sending them cookies and care packages or covering car windows and bumpers with bow-tie ribbons, and that our on-going war on terror is every bit as if not more serious than even World War II.  Then we were looking for German and Japanese "saboteurs" whose weapons of choice were "tame" compared to today's "terrorists" who are inflitrating our country to do us unbelievable grievous harm.
"Support" is not a game we're talking about here, but the current and future safety and security of our United States.  Knowing this, and that some of what is being said here may be unsettling or disagreeable to some, I am again going to forward this to some folks, including every Marine I know,
to share with them your "on the money" comments as well, hoping they will then feel inclined to either add their own comments and/or send it along to those who may also be interested.  (I'm going to "rearrange" the several letters in chronological order, e.g., Perlmutter's Editorial, my comments, and then your "last word," so it reads and flows much better.
Always great to hear from you, Daniel.  Dot joins in sending you her very best.
Semper Fi, my friend.

(1) DAVID D. PERLMUTTER's Editorial:

Here's a way to support our troops

Monday, May 23, 2005



WE ALL SUPPORT the troops, or so claim the forest of bumper stickers, yard signs, and even placards at demonstrations in defense of or against the war in Iraq. But in conducting interviews with veterans for a book on war leadership, I've noted a degree of wariness and cynicism about the chorus of praise for our soldiers, marines, flyers, and sailors.


One Vietnam vet said, "You watch: Another year, and people will be spitting on Marines at the airport." A World War II vet noted, "Putting up a yellow-ribbon yard sign is easy, but what are we really doing to support the troops?"

As a student of the way society views the military, I'm uncertain, too. Politicians, generals, and bureaucrats debate over compensation packages and death benefits for servicemen and women, and we should encourage our leaders to be as generous as possible. But something more is needed: personal gratitude expressed in small, everyday acts of support.

Call it "treat the troops." And it should not become a big institutionalized social movement, just something all of us do once in while.

I started my campaign two months ago when I was in a local toy store. A young man in an Army uniform was shopping for some toy cars, presumably for his kids. As he stepped up to the counter, I tapped him on the shoulder and said, "Let me take care of that."

He blinked. I asked the clerk to put his purchases on my bill. I shook the young man's hand and told him, "Thanks for serving your country."

We exchanged a few pleasantries and he left, Hot Wheels in hand. That was it. No big deal - or big cost. Just a token of thanks.

Later, at a restaurant near my campus, I saw a young man in an ROTC uniform eating lunch with a young lady. I pointed them out to my waiter and said, "Put their ticket on my bill." Leaving, the young man stopped to thank me. I shrugged. "No problem. Thank you for volunteering to serve your country."

So far my "treat the troops" campaign has cost me about $40. I have no elaborate plans, nor any set budget; I want to be spur-of-the-moment. Frankly, it's more fun that way.

Certainly, America treats its servicemen and women and veterans better probably than any armed forces in history. Military medical care, in the field and at home, is superb. But support must come from the bottom, not just from Washington or from established organizations. There's evidence from the past that, in raising the morale of armies, little things do count a lot. Great war commanders such as Napoleon were famous for using their prodigious memories to single out individual men with personal conversation and compliments. Military leadership, in human resources terms, is the art of making every member of the unit feel you care about him or her personally.

In a democracy, however, the morale of men and women in uniform is the people's responsibility, too - whatever one's feelings about this particular war. So, go ahead, treat the troops. Do it in shops, movie theaters, restaurants, and dry cleaners. Do it modestly, without ostentation; don't demand or expect effusive thanks. Imagine the effect if millions of Americans expressed their gratitude with a little cash and kindness. That would show we support the troops better than any yard sign or bumper sticker.

David D. Perlmutter is an associate professor at the Manship School of Mass Communication at LSU and a senior fellow at the Reilly Center for Media & Public Affairs. He is the author of "Visions of War." This appeared in The Christian Science Monitor. Send comments about this article to


(2) Gerald F. Merna's comments:


Sir or Madam:


I don't know if I'm writing to the author of this excellent piece by David D. Perlmutter or someone else, but regardless, it is right on target and I only hope it resonates with a whole lot of folks.


As a two-war veteran (Korea and 'Nam) I know of what the writer speaks, and I too sense the "weariness" of some of the support that I feel was "weak" to begin with.  After 9-11-01 the house without a flag was the exception; now it's the house that flies a flag that stands out! 


Military support is not shown by a bumper sticker or a flag, but it helps, and is a good first start. But I'm afraid there's only about 30% of our Country that truly supports not only our troops, but our Country as well.  Most go about their business considering the "war" an "interruption" of their daily routines, complaining about gas prices while they buy bigger cars, ignoring news about the war to watch American Idol, etc.  


The Media is part to blame--hyping everything unimportant, and underplaying what really is.  If I had a nickel for every "Fox Alert" about some mundane, stupid, idiotic story, I'd retire rich! Then when they do have a good, interesting discussion going with some folks who really know what they're talking about, not only can you see the impatience on the face of the so-called "interviewer,"glancing at his or her watch, but then the idiotic words come out "We only have 10 seconds so tell me how we can win this war?" as they "break" to watch the arrival of Michael Jackson in court "live" on TV, for the 56th day in a row??? The media's  reckless publishing of so-called “scandal” photos and such which absolutely will result in the loss of life for some of those very servicemen fighting overseas they allegedly “support” is then justified as "pure Journalism" or the "people's right to know!"  I'm one of those "people" and I DON'T WANT TO KNOW!


Unlike a lot of others, I personally feel we have too darn many rights in this country, just like we have too many models of cars, refrigerators and beer! And a whole lot of other "too many's!" 


 The Press is not a religious institution, but wants to be treated like one.  Oh for the days of World War II when we truly believed “Loose Lips Sink Ships.”  The enemy doesn’t need an intelligence force, all they have to do is subscribe to our military magazines, newspapers, and watch TV where we not only tell them everything we’re going to do, but then put "military analysts" on the air to tell them how, when and where we're going to do it!  And this "supports" our troops?  


And our Federal Government refuses to enforce our immigration laws and police the borders of our country to prevent future 9/11’s!  And why?  Because they want that vote! All of this directly relates to supporting our troops.  Why should they give their lives or limbs in a far-away place only to come home and face threats from within?


My wife and I have done some of the same things for military folks suggested in Mr. Perlmutter’s article, and know the great satisfaction received by both parties of which he speaks.  We also try to engage some in conversation, including parents and spouses, to let them know "we know!"  I also wish everyone could read some of the letters from “Military Moms” that we do fin a weekly military newsletter we receive.  That’s the real America!  That’s the real support!  That’s the real thing!


God Bless America, Our Troops, and the families and friends of all of them. And you, Mr. Perlmutter, for trying to shake up some of the building lethargy out there amongst us!


Semper Fidelis,

Gerald F. (Jerry) Merna

USMC (Ret.)

Potomac Falls, VA


(3) Daniel Hunter's Comments:
From: Daniel
Sent: Tuesday, May 24, 2005 6:06 AM
Subject: Re: Support Our Troops

    Ya know Jerry, there is nothing like a good Marine when he is pissed off.

    You have spoken much of what I think and feel. And although I happen to like Fox News, they do anger me with exactly the things you point out. That's why I don't watch much news.

    The press and wannabe's like Michael Moore are the greatest enemy this nation has ever faced. And the people of this country are becoming bigger idiots by the minute.

    Our nation is in trouble...... BIG trouble. We are facing an enemy like none we have ever encountered in our history. And still, our people sit on there asses and turn a blind eye. They whine about mistreated prisoners while our men and women die, many of them blindfolded  and bound as their heads are severed while they are still conscious. Most killed by extremists willing to blow themselves up for a lie, following the orders of cowardly bastards too afraid to face battle themselves.

    I am sick to death of these "people" that claim to support our fighting men and women by placing a flag out or putting a sticker or magnet on their vehicle and then turn around and slander our president and other leaders about our commitment in Iraq and Afghanistan. WTF are they thinking? You can't have it both ways. Either you do or you don't. Shit or get off the pot!
    You cannot support our troops if you cannot support their mission. Period.

    My neighbor, and once best friend, stood in his driveway in the uniform of the United States Marine Corps as I wheeled myself over to see him in my U.S. Navy supplied wheeled chair , also in uniform. I'm grinning ear to ear because I'm so happy to see him and he says flatly, " So, how many women and kids did you kill?" I, with two words, spun around and headed back across the street to my home. I have never spoken to him since and I never will.

    My point?...... Why was wearing the uniform if he wasn't willing to do the job? Why did he enlist when he was such a f%@#ing coward? How could a chicken shit punk wear the uniform and accuse me of such unspeakable acts?  Because he was a phony piece of shit from the git-go, that's how! Just like thousands of American's that claim to be in support of our troops today!

    I don't give a rat's ass how many flags they hang! And I sure as hell don't care how much bullshit they spew out of their mouths either!  Bumper stickers cost two bucks ...... big deal!

    My nine year old grandson came home from Cub Scouts one day and said, and I quote, " Hey Pappy, can we get stuff to send to the Army over at the war?" I asked what he meant exactly and he explained he wanted to get treats and writing materials to send to our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. The whole pack agreed to gather goods. And Pack 16 did indeed send packages ....... more than one hundred packages.

    These children sent writing paper, pens, envelopes, Caramel Corn, Granola bars, Gator Aid, Koolaid, hard candy, Tootsie Rolls, Gummy Bears, Kellogg's individual cereals, Tastykake's, and dozens of other items. They went door to door asking for donations. They went to manufacturers for donations. They bought goods with rolls of pennies and nickels and dimes ...... out of their piggy banks!  I was there .... I know this is true! I cried at the grace and generosity of these little ones. I cried because I was so proud of these kids.

    That is support. From a dozen kids under twelve.

    I am sick to death of these Hollywood elitist pricks whining and pissing and moaning. And that mother f%@#er Michael Moore should be tried and hung as the f%@#ing traitor he is !!! These liberal morons have the nerve to claim support for our troops and do nothing but cry for the animals that waged WAR on this nation ..... MY nation! I will not speak the thoughts that are running through my mind about these low-life, chicken-shit, no-load, worthless, spineless, whining, jackasses !!!! Cowards!!!

    I'd like to have thirty minutes to address this nation of fat-assed, spoiled, self-centered jekoffs about how the real world actually works. I'd like the time to express my disdain for these worthless pigs and where I think they should go. I would like Mr. Moore to be there in person and try to push his anti-American bullshit up my ass, face to face. I would give these idiots the show of their lives. Trust me.

    I don't expect many to agree with me but I would cut those ragheaded sonsabitches apart joint by joint to get the information we need to kill off the leaders of these sadistic bastards. I would do it to their entire family without hesitation ..... as they would do it to mine. I would send them to their virgins missing enough parts that the ladies would remain in that state for all eternity. And I would get the intelligence we need, collateral damage or not. They sure as hell didn't worry about collateral damage when they flew those aircraft into the WTC and Pentagon. They weren't worried about collateral damage when they headed that Pennsylvania flight towards the Whitehouse!  You fight as your enemy fights!

    These fanatics are willing to kill Americans, Christians, Jews, Muslims, or anyone else to get their agenda fulfilled. And they would kill you in the most horrific manner possible! They don't give a shit about popular opinion, political correctness, or any other idealistic bullshit. They want to win! And they will will use whatever means at their disposal.

    THAT IS THE REAL WORLD. Deal with it people!

    I salute those people of the world that do understand what is going on and support the troops of all nations working to end this madness. I admire their commitment and compassion. I commend their efforts.

    And for those folks like you Jerry, that will take the time and resources required to show your support, I am humbled. For your children and relatives that are doing the job I have the deepest respect and admiration. I cannot say enough to fully express my gratitude to each of you.

    I rarely watch the news anymore ..... any of it. It makes me sick to my stomach to watch what they are doing. All of the news agencies, down to the last one, are passing along information that aids the enemy. They broadcast billions of dollars in free propaganda for the terrorist groups threatening the peace of the entire world for a few lousy ratings points. And they don't care who they get killed in the process.

    As for the ten second reply as to how we can end the war on terror ....... start counting with one Mississippi ....... 

We blow all these bastards back to the stone age ...... every f%@#ing one of them.
(Hey, they don't want to help us , that makes them the bad guys.)
We take their damned oil like we're being accused of in the first place.
 We hang the Hollywood freaks and use their bodies to light the streets.
We tell the rest of the world to stfu.

Wars over.
End of answer.

    You have no idea how much I wish I were working as a kite for the CIA, NSA, NIS, or some other agency most folks never heard of. I'd do it for food, ammo, and equipment if they let me pick my own team. And I would die if necessary to protect my country ...... without hesitation or regret. I'd make it worth the governments investment.

    How many "beautiful people" in Hollywood are willing to go hunting? How many are willing to spend some of their precious millions to help supply our troops with much needed body armor, fighting knives, night optics, and other gear to help keep them alive? Hell, they don't even send personal goods.

    You are correct my friend. This country does have too many "rights".

    Fagots parading down the streets of San Francisco is not freedom of speech. It is offensive. Keep your perverted shit in YOUR bedroom, not my living room.

Burning my flag is not your right or I reserve the right to pound the shit out of you. And it sure as hell isn't freedom of speech. That's not talking, that's doing.
Rioting is not a right .... it is not freedom of speech .... it is a crime.

Pumping anti-religious rhetoric down my throat and telling me I can't display a manger scene in my town square is not a your right. You don't like it, don't look.

Making films depicting our nations leaders as idiots and blood thirsty fools is not freedom of speech ..... it is treason.

Abortion is murder ..... it is NOT a right.

Racial profiling is a TOOL, not just some guy getting his jollies picking on one ethnic group or another. It IS the right of a policeman to use ALL tools available.

Our children do NOT have the right to disobey or disrespect an adult ..... any adult.

You do NOT have the right to use an ethnic slur .... and I don't give a shit what color you are!

People do NOT have the right to favoritism and handouts because they are too lazy to work ..... and I don't care what color you are in this case either.

    I could make a list that would take a month to read if you hurried.

    As for illegal immigration ..... brother, that gets my blood boiling. I'll just say we are completely on the same page. And if your going to live here, work here, and take our money you had better start getting use to the term " my country ", meaning the United States. If it means something else then pack your trash and get the hell out. By the way, the language is ENGLISH. Don't like it ... tough shit.

    Here is my solution to some of this nations problems and threats.
#1/  CLOSE our borders ..... completely.
#2/ Cut ALL aid off to nations who refuse to support U.S. policy.
#3/ Cut ALL aid off to nations who support terror in ANY manner.
#4/ Get China to blast North Korea off the face of the earth or cut their trade and aid off.
#5/ Get  Iran to shut down the nukes or vaporize them ..... screw negotiations.
#6/ And most importantly, have the United States start acting like it is the most powerful country on this planet and not like some half-assed third world nation that is impotent. We make policy, they do not.
#7/ Let our military fight our battles and keep the goddamned politicians out of it!
#8/ Get used to the idea that human rights come AFTER mission success.
#9/ Get our military bases out of Germany and France. We don't need them and these countries ARE the enemy until they get their heads out of their asses.

    I know war and I know how to win. Some of my methods may seem inhumane and without mercy. Just as the actions of those that wish destruction on my nation and it's people are inhumane and without mercy. When you are dealing with fools that believe they rise to greatness by being a martyr you must make the cost of that 'honor" so great that no man dares to claim it. If you cannot make him respect you, you make him fear you.

    I am not some spineless politician or bleeding heart. But I would prefer going to war with a game of checkers or chess, but that is not how war is conducted. Warfare is NOT civilized and killing is NOT humane. Killing is killing. And it is not how many you kill that decides the outcome ..... it is WHO you kill.

    No man wishes the death of an innocent unless he is a madman ...... but we are dealing with madmen. You do what you must to win. There is no second place in warfare.

    The warriors of ancient asia believed that when you killed an enemy you killed his offspring. They believed those offspring would seek revenge at some later date and by killing the entire household they eliminated that threat..

    These animals we are fighting didn't just wake up hating the United States, they were taught to hate. We are dealing with the offspring, not the originator of the hatred. they have been taught that America is the cause of all their woes and hardships. They have been taught to fear freedom. They have been taught to treat their women as sub-humans and as slaves. We are a threat to their stone aged beliefs and backward way of life.

    A friend of mine once told me, " When you have someone threaten your family, you kill seven generations of theirs. Then there is no thought of revenge. There is no one left to seek revenge." This man was a gangster ...... a real one ..... and I believe him.

Well, I suppose I've put enough of my thinking in this letter to cause a serious shit storm so I'll leave it at that. ( #8 and #9 should get a rise from many ) They are my real opinions and frankly I couldn't care less what anyone else thinks about them. Hard decisions must be made when dangerous times prevail. This is one of those times.

    Thanks for allowing to vent my friend. I will be more passive tomorrow I suppose. But it sure is nice to get things off your chest once in a while.

    My very best wishes for you and Dotty. And please tell John I said, " Welcome home. "

                                                                   Semper Fidelis,

    "It is the soldier, not the reporter who has given us the freedom of the press.
    It is the soldier, not the poet, who has given us the freedom of speech.
    It is the soldier, not the campus organizer, who gives us the freedom to demonstrate.
    It is the soldier who salutes the flag, who serves beneath the flag, and whose coffin is
   draped by the flag, who allows the protester to burn the flag."
                                                      Pastor John Hagee
                                                      Cornerstone Church
                                                      San Antonio, Texas

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