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Karen and Roberta:
Look what we found among some old photo's.  Your Mom, our Sister Vivian, accomplished a lot from the time that picture was taken of her at St. Dominic's in the early 1940's!  Wish she had email so I could send them to her also.  Your retired Marine Dad looks great in that picture also, can't miss that "high and tight" Corps haircut!  I may have told you I met him (Camp Pendleton?) when I was a 2dLt on my way to Vietnam in 1966--I think he was a Master Sergeant at the time.
Hope the pictures and titles don't come out "scrambled" when I hit the "send" button (as they often do), but you should still be able to tell which title goes with the appropriate picture.  We got a kick out rereading the notes you penned to us on the back of your high school graduation pictures. Now you have your own children!  How time flies. 
Love,  Aunt Dot and Uncle Jerry

Vivian (Merna) (Moretti) Rendes and Family – Misc. Pictures



           Back of picture: Karen & Roberta               Karen: HS Grad 1976        

                                                                                                            & Frisky-my Christmas gift to the girls   




                                            Roberta: HS Grad 1980                                                     Vivian, Wally, Karen and Roberta: Aug 1962                               



  Vivian: Back: Magneto                Vivian – St. Dominic’s           Vivian, Piermont      

Photos – 22 E. 14th St., NYC        Blauvelt, NY, 1940’s               Christmas 1952

                                                           Grants 5 - 10¢ Store                                                                    Sedlack Residence

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