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October 13, 2005

Mr. Bob Millspaugh
333 Cornwall Road
Winter Park, FL 32792

Dear Bob:

Again, I want to thank you very much for loaning me your pictures and the funeral program of Coach Faulk. I am returning them to you with this note.

As you will see, I made good use of several of them, and have copies of the others that I may use in future writings about St. Agnes and/or Coach Faulk.

I don’t recall if you were at the 50th Anniversary Banquet on August 24, 1996, at which I had the honor of being the keynote speaker. If you were there, then you already know what I said. If you weren’t, you will now.

In either case, as you will note from the enclosures, I “re-visited” those 1996 remarks, and while I could not and did not “change” what I said, I did take the opportunity to “illustrate” that “speech” with the best pictures, images and graphics I could find to do so. In my opinion, I think the result makes the spoken words come to life with an entirely different look. I hope you enjoy the black and white copy I printed out for you. You will shortly be able to see these remarks in full color on the St. Agnes web site. As soon as it is posted, I will send you the link to click on. (You can also then have it printed in color if you so desire). I don’t even know whether or not you use a computer and/or are already with the St. Agnes Alumni web site (http://www.StAgnesAlumni.org); if you do, then there’s no problem. If you don’t, I’m confident you have a close family member, neighbor or friend that does, and that person will be glad to look that up for you, and print it in color if you so desire. The web site gets better every day, and there is a wealth of history, pictures and information there that will be saved for posterity.

You will find two of the pictures you sent me on page 3, two on page 8, and Coach’s funeral program on page 9. (I also had one of these programs; it seems you do not recall I was with my brother Jim at St. Dennis Cemetery in Ardmore, PA on June 22, 1985 when Coach was buried, and I mention this in the first paragraph on page 9). On page 16 I also mention that you were “MIA, detained, and later repatriated” during WWII.

Again, Bob, many thanks. Please keep in touch.

Your fellow “House’s Kid,”

Jerry Merna

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