From: Gerald F. Merna

Sent: Wednesday, September 06, 2006 12:12 AM

Subject: Re: Hennessey and Delarosa


Hi Greg:


While I certainly remember both Jack Hennessey and Jap Delarosa very well, I have no idea where they are to this day.  I will forward this to a couple of others who might.  Some of our guys are really great at tracking down former Alumni on the internet. It's also possible that Art Kingsley may have their names on his Newsletter list.


Below are a couple of photos from the late 1940's of Jack Hennessy taken in NYC when he was in the St. Agnes Band.  While I was there also (second shot "peeking over the head" between Martin and Louis Kee) I don't remember who the two are in the picture with him, though I'd bet a month's salary the young kid (a brother? and maybe the young lady, a sister?) is also a House's Kid judging by that hat and coat he's wearing? These pictures were taken in late 1946 or early 1947, as I "ran away" in 1946 and joined the Marines in April 1947.  I heard "rumors" Jack may have also enlisted in the Marine Corps, but have never been able to verify that.  (Both of the Kee Brothers, David and Louis, made a career of the Marines, Lou for 20 and David for 30!  I met David at the 60th Reunion after not having seen him since 1950 at Camp Lejeuene-56 long years ago)!


There was also a Frank Hennessy in my class who was one of the "Three Musketeers" (as we called ourselves) consisting of Frank, Hugh McAvinue, and me.  Hugh and I joined the Corps while Frank died early after leaving St. Agnes; he was the brother of Donald Hennessy, also a former Marine.



Jack Hennessey in Band Uniform             Jack Hennessey, Marine Alpin Rodriguez, 

                                                                      Walt Rooney, Martin, Jerry Merna,

                                                                         Louis Kee (All ladies unknown)



Hope all is well with you and your Dad (I spoke with him at the reunion in August).



Gerald F. (Jerry) Merna



From: Gerald F. Merna

Sent: Monday, November 24, 2008 2:45 AM

Subject: Re: Hennessey and DeLarosa


You will note I originally wrote email above two years ago TODAY to the Son of one of our fellow St. Agnes Alumni!


Since I wrote this, and you are using old pictures of Houses' Kids, some mentioned below, I came across additional pictures (a couple I got from Red Rooney before he died,) of Cpl. “Jap” DeLarosa, and Louis Kee with DeSantis (both Marine Sgts.), and others. And speaking of Red, there’s also a picture of him and I by his old Willys' car taken in 1949 when I came up from Quantico.



Jerry Merna



Cpl. DeLarosa                                      Jerry Merna with Red Rooney and his 1932 Willys' (1949)



Marine Sgts. Louie Kee and DeSantis                   “Up on (the St. Agnes) Roof,” 3 future Marines,

                                                                                     DeSantis, Jerry Merna, Hugh McAvinue (1945)


(L :) 4 Marine Houses’ Kids at Camp Lejeune 1950, Jerry Merna; Dave Kee, Francis Boyle, Jim Merna.

(R) 3 House’s Kids in Tijuana, Mexico Nov.1948: Malachy Murphy, Jerry Merna, Hugh McAvinue