From: Gerald F. Merna
To: John Antonacci
Cc: David T. Feliciano
Sent: Tuesday, October 12, 2004 9:54 PM
Subject: Brother Joseph


How goes the problems with your computer? If I don't get an answer to this I'll know you're still having them. I got a note from Dave Feliciano that he is working hard to get Donald's story on the St. AAA web site. He's going to let us know when it's up.

Main reason I'm writing is that I was going through some Rockland Co. files today looking for something and found my old recruiting records from when I was the Marine Recruiter in Nyack. (I was there from 15Dec50 to 4Mar52 when I left to go to Korea).

Although my fellow Recruiter TSgt Frank Gross (who married a woman from Haverstraw) and I enlisted quite a few Marines during that time, I didn't realize it even after all these years that I enlisted several from St. Agnes or St. Agatha's. (I have to admit that Coach Faulk use to "suggest" a few to me). What really jumped out at me and I wonder if he remembers or you even knew that I enlisted your brother Joseph, a classmate of Dot and mine, on March 5, 1951?

I also enlisted Art Diehl from Sparkill (26Mar51), John R. Castro of St. Agnes (13Apr51), John C. Casey, St. Agnes (30Jun51), William J. "Sarge" Karris, St. Agnes (31Jul51), and Bernard J. O'Rourke of St. Agatha's (2Jan51). Amazing what you can find some 53 years later, isn't it?

Hope Aida is fully recovered. Write when you are able to.

Best, Jerry

Sent: Friday, April 14, 2006 3:53 PM
Subject: Obituaries (Forwarded By Gerald F. Merna)

Genealogists would proclaim this to be a wonderful find. The story it tells is the "wonderful find."

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