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Message From: John Antonacci
Subject: Adopt a Sister send her a 2007 Christmas Card

Let's make this suggestion an annual Christmas pledge. Let's show our appreciation by adopting a sister and sending her a Christmas card. Some of you may want to take the list to your church members or other organization that may want to help. Click on NewsAlert for list of 36 sisters and the address where you can mail your Christmas cards.
John A.

NewsAlert: Adopt A Sister and Send a 2007 Christmas Card
NewsAlert: Robert A. Coyle; Korean Vet; POW; Baseball Coach 11/29/07

From: Gerald F Merna;
To: David T. Feliciano; John & Aida Antonacci; Peter Felicano; Jack Monnier
Subject: Robert Coyle Obituary; Sent: Monday, December 10-11, 2007

Although Robert Coyle was only two years younger than me, I do not recall him, even though we are both Korean War vets as well. It appears he would have been in my Brother Bob's class at TZHS. If you haven't already, perhaps you want to put this on our Web Site where undoubtedly other Alumni will remember and/or recognize his name. I'd be surprised if John Antonacci or others did not know him.

Jerry Merna

PS: The only thing I don't understand in this Obit is the statement, "He was a graduate of Tappan Zee High School with a full academic scholarship." If the Obit writer was referring to a "future college scholarship" that's one thing, but I don't think anyone at St. Agnes who graduated from TZHS did so "with a full academic scholarship."

From: John J. Antonacci

Jerry - David
Although he was ahead of me in school I remember he was a excellent swimmer and diver He use to enter diving contest a Tallman mt. park and he won medals he also excelled in basketball I would like to know when he graduated from TZHS we could locate some one in his class He 4 years older than me indicating he may have graduated in 1950. Maybe there is some way we can find out I have a 1950 year book I will try to locate it . It's a name from the past God Rest His Soul. God Bless John A.

I'll forward this to Jack Monnier who runs the TZHS web site; he may well know what you asked about John.


From: Henri

Jerry, David, & John,
According to what I have, Robert graduated in 1951. I have a 'scanned' copy of the '51 yearbook, and his picture (& 'credits') are below. I looked through the database, and I have no addresses or information that might lead to any of his classmates. I will look in the 'box' of stuff to see if there is any paper copies of info from around that time.. Please, if you find out more, let me know... Thanks for the Obit, I will get it and his picture posted.
BioPhoto: Robert Coyle

From: Arthur (Happy) Ovalle

Robert Coyle and I spent years together, especially in Tallman State Park and Rockland country golf club, caddying and swimming and diving, and talking about our lives, girl friends?, our lives of the past and the future.. We were close friends way back from 1948 to 1951...He was valedictorian of our Tappan Zee graduating class 0f 1951......

He I were in the Pool, July of 1951, when someone came in and told me I was being sent to Pittsburg Pa right away... I said farewell to him at the pool and havent heard a word since....He was a brother, whom I really knew and loved,.....Too bad we never spoke to one another all these years....

Arthur (Happy) Ovalle
St Agnes School (1945-1951) & TZHS (1948-1951)
Now residing in Central Florida

From: James F. Shea; To: John & Ida Antonacci
Subject: Christmas Cards for the Sisters; Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2007 11:31 AM

I got your message about picking out a Sister to send a card of Christmas. It was a great idea. I printed out the the list of nuns and took it down to the VFW. I said to my friends, "This is a great idea but I probably won't follow through". The next time I went down there, my two friend showed me a box of cards, 3 different kinds, which they had addressed to everyone of the sisters on the list. I can't tell you what that meant to me.

I thought you would appreciate this story. Some people are really nice. What do you think?
Jim (1950-1954)

From: Henry Garcia
Subject: Re: Adopt A Sister And Send Her A Christmas Card; Sent: Friday, November 16, 2007 5:02 PM

Interested in knowing how many of the sister's were from my era 1970's? Thanks for the list.

Sorry I don't show up to the reunions. I have attended 2 when Joe Rosen was heading the alumni. I could not relate to the guys from your era. Anyway I'm living down in Ft. Lauderdale and planned ahead and bought my place now so it's paid when retirement comes in 19 yrs.:)

Thanks for the updates and keeping the St. Agnes past alive.

Happy holidays.
Henry J. Garcia (1974-1977)

From: Michael Booth
Subject: Fr Ray Masterson; Sent: Sunday, December 09, 2007 10:50 AM

Dear St Agnes Alumni Association
My name is Michael Booth and I live in Manchester, England. I am writing because I think you may be able to help me.

I am trying to track down Fr Ray Masterson whom I know from the time, about 25 years ago, when he was posted to London, England and he and I were in the same parish. I was very pleased to be able to attend Fr Ray's ordination in Brazil in 1984 and he came back to visit my wife and me in about 1990.

Since then we have lost touch - I'm not so good at letter writing - though I had heard that Fr Ray had been ill. I was very pleased therefore to see him looking very well in the pictures on your website when he attended St Agnes's reunions in 2004 and last year, 2006.

Perhaps you could pass on my details to Fr Ray and ask him to contact me. My wife and I visited New York City for the first time earlier this year and I am planning a return visit next year with the whole of my family. If Fr Ray is still in the US, it would be great to visit him and see him again then.

Our details are: Michael & Mary Booth, United Kingdom [please contact web designer for full address and phone number].
With many thanks,
Michael Booth

From: ANTHONY MARINO; To: David T. Feliciano; Cc: Anthony Di Marino
Subject: Memorial Bricks; Sent: Thursday, December 20-22, 2007

Hello David,
I'm sending photo's of 2 memorial bricks should you want to put them on your St. Agnes Alumni Website. They are of my uncles [Michael & Benjamin Maltese] who were from St. Agnes. The bricks are located at the New York State Veterans Home at Stony Brook, Long Island NY and were placed there in 2006.

I had paid for the bricks to be placed there as a memorial to the respect I have for them. I feel they deserved this recognition. My uncle Mike loved the American flag and what it stands for. He had flags placed all over his community.

I sent in information on my 2 uncles about a year ago. Also sent was information on 2 more siblings named Frank who died at the convent in 1930 at 14 years old and Lillian. Their names are Michael, Benjamin, Frank, Lillian Maltese. Their names are on your student list on the web site. My mother Gussie Maltese was at the mother house on 2nd. Ave. and 63 St. (not exactly sure of the address). 4 other siblings were at St. Joseph's school for the deaf in the Bronx off the Bruckner Expy. (near Whitestone and Throggs Neck Bridges). Their names were Anna, Ignatious, Charlie and Mary Maltese. Gussie, my mother is now 101 years old. Michael Maltese passed away this year March 15, 2007. He lived in the town of Sparkill until about 1990 and then moved to Cortwood Village 1 1/2 miles away. He was at St. Agnes from 1922 to 1939.

Merry Christmas,
Anthony Di Marino
Bricks in honor of Michael & Benjamin Maltese; New York State Veterans Home at Stony Brook, Long Island NY (2006)

Subject: Christmas At Arlington Cemetery, Va.; Sent: Wednesday, December 12, 2007 4:48 PM

Thanks Ron, for the two beautiful pictures.

Last Christmas I took similar ones (minus the snow) at my brother George's site at Arlington and am attaching a few of them....
[Click Here for More Plus Photos]

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So this is Christmas! An amazingly beautiful Christmas Presentation! - MS PowerPoint Slide Show. (By Unknown Author/Creator/Artists)
I wish you a Merry Christmas! A fun video! (By Unknown Author/Creator/Artists)
I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas! A fun video! (By Unknown Author/Creator/Artists)

From: Peter Feliciano
Sent: Wednesday, September 27, 2006 8:09 AM
Subject: Re: House Kid Alumni

Since Sr. Catherine Tahaney, (845-359-6400 X218, Dominican Convent, 175 Route 340 Sparkill, NY 10976-1047), is the official archivist for the Convent, I believe contacting her would be a good starting point for determining the whereabouts of the letters. Since Art Kingsley, Presedent of the St Agnes Alumni Committee has good rapport with the Nuns, perhaps he could be of assistance in this matter too.

Gaspar Cipolla Ricardo C. Colon Harry Connors
Caesar Feliciano Carlos Feliciano David T. Feliciano Pastor (Pat) Feliciano Peter (Pedro) Feliciano
Stephen J. Fromholz, Sr. Louis A. Lopez George Charles Merna Gerald F. Merna Thomes G. Merna
Robert F. Pulliza Frank Jacob Rosenstine Joseph R. Stanaitis Joseph (Joe) Wiska

Raymond (Ramon) Adames John J. Antonacci Joseph Antonacci Dennis Bailey Lorenzo Calderon
Robert Coyle William Doherty Benjamin Feliciano Bob Keane James Lawson
James Merna Richard Merna Robert Merna John (Sammy) Tolins

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"We're going to take you kids,"
he pointed to each of us sitting on the couch and said our names in a sing-song voice "Jackie... Tommy... Hellen... David and Nancy," pausing between each name as if to prove he knew them, "to see a school tomorrow, a boarding school, see how you like it." He said this in a voice that implied it was temporary, like we'd have a choice about attending. With those words the Canfield siblings began a journey that profoundly shaped their formative years. Home Kids is Nancy Canfield's courageous retelling of her family's dramatic story and the inspirational story of St. Agatha Home for Children.  (More....)

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Photos: St. Agatha Home Keepsake Photograph.
“Home Kids: The Story of St. Agatha Home for Children,” By Nancy Canfield:
By Pat Sherman UNION-TRIBUNE COMMUNITY NEWS WRITER, March 10, 2006. "Nancy Canfield knows how a single, immutable event can forever alter a child's life. In her recently published book, “Home Kids: The Story of St. Agatha Home for Children,” Canfield recounts the years she and four siblings spent at a Catholic orphanage in New York."  (More....)

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