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WebNews #27; Happy Easter Sunday; April 8, 2007


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When profiling is “reasonable,” injustice becomes excusable 7/24/13

NewsAlert: *** ST. AGNES ALUMNI 71st ANNUAL PICNIC, AUGUST 19, 2017; MARK ON YOUR CALENDAR *** 4/27/17
*** In Loving Memory of Pastor "Pat" Feliciano *** 3/8/14 *** Peter Feliciano Needs Your Prayers *** 12/14/15
Fr. Ray Masterson Obit 3/19/14 Fr. Ray Masterson Remembrance Letter 3/19/14 Fr. Ray Masterson Remembrance 3/19/14
The boys of St Agnes, a video by Sr Margaret Palliser 3/20/14 Augusta DiMarino; Mother of 4 Maltese "House Kids" 11/10/15
George Favre, 82, Sparkill, A House Kid, Biography 5/24/14 View Sacred Heart Chapel Video 2/24/14
Alumni Newsletter, Spring 2015 5/11/15 In Memory of Hugh J. “MAC” McAvinue, By Gerald F. Merna 2/22/15

What is the Meaning of Easter?"While the focus was once on Easter Sunday, now it is on the Easter Bunny. But Easter Sunday is much more than a day of colorful plastic eggs and chocolate bunnies; it is in fact a day that left the world forever changed. " (More....)

Letter: Friendship: From: John J. Antonacci and Gerald F. Merna; Subject: Friendship! - We all know or knew someone like this!

House Kids: 7 more names added to "House Kids List": Many thanks to Art & Gloria Kingsley: Jorge L. Adames Sr., Eddie Almeida (1942 - 1950), John Coveney, John Hom, James P. McCann, James T. McCourt, Joseph P. McGrath
Charles Schaeffer 91 year old "House Kid"

Photos forwarded by
Joseph R. Stanaitis Sent: Sat. 03/17/07

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to see more photos WWII & St Agnes in 1920s

Letter From: Gaspar "Chip" Cipolla; Sent: Saturday, March 17, 2007 2:08 AM; Subject: WebNews #26 - St. Patrick's Day Edition
What a personal and memorable way to remember and celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Thank you. Warmest wishes to all.
Chip (St. Agnes, Gaspar Cipolla 1934 to 1938)

Letter From: EDWARD JENKINS; To: David T. Feliciano; Sent: Monday, March 19, 2007; Subject: - FYI
Hello David: On the website, "Here's Another Memory Photo by Joseph R. Stanaitis." There is a caption: "Does this Ring a Bell, fellows playroom in the Winter..." the tall Black fella standing sideway is in fact me (If I'm not mistaking anyone else). I was always tall for my age and Coach Jim Faulk use to call me "Stretch" at times. Looks like me. My hangout was the Gym and work duties were in-charge of the clean-up crew. Principal Sister Angela was always on my case. (smile). Edward Jenkins (Eddie)

Letter Form: Eugene Sostre; To: David T. Feliciano; Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2007; Subject: WebNews #26 - St. Patrick's Day Edition
hi david, yesterday i started to e-mail you from work..... i was on call and had to cut the e-mail short. i'd checked out the website ..nice job ! ... i notice some new names on the (House Kids) list.... i know some of them... man freddy justiano was my best friend, he graduated from tappan zee high school 1980.. he lived in a group home in old tappan.. i knew his brother nicholas... i don't know what ever happen to or what he's become as a man... i hope i'd get to meet him again.. freddy...... george shoby, jimmy rivera, izzy ortiz... all lived in the nanuet group home... we also lived together at saint agnes..... so about your birthday.. wow the big 70... god bless you... your brain child saint agnes website..... has been a real blessing and healing vehicle to all of us saint agnes alumni...... thank brother... you will recieve the 1975 year book within a week... bye for now.... eugene.

Letter From: Eugene Sostre; Sent: Friday, April 06, 2007; Subject: - WebNews #26 - St. Patrick's Day Edition
hi david.. nice to hear from you, happy easter to you and all of your family.... i ran a good 10k race at central park, the scotland run, my time was 49:16... 7.56per mile pace, was very happy with my time. i told my david i wanted to run under fithty minutes and i did. i'd spent the weekend at his apartment on a 105 street on first ave. in spanish harlem... he lives in my mothers old apartment .. when he was little he was sent to the kennedy home in the bronx..... he found some pictures of me when i'd lived at saint agnes..... you will recieve year book and pictures any day now....... by for now and god bless you, web master. eugene.

Letter From: Lou Reyes; Sent: Monday 10/02/06; Subject: - 2006 Alumni Reunion Picnic Photo Slideshow DVD
Hi, My name is Louis Reyes, class of 1953. I always have good intentions of attending each year's reunion but something always comes up. I did however attend the 50th reunion and met many of my classmates and long forgotten friends. I can see that you all have a very wholesome gathering each year. Please continue the good work in bringing us all together. Time is running out for some of us. Gerry Merna corresponds with me just about every week and brings me up to date on the happenings both at the house and Piermont. God bless his soul. If you don't mind could you please send me a copy of that DVD from the last reunion. I sure would appreciate it. Thank you very much. God Bless You, Lou Reyes

A New GuestBook Entries:
to whom it may concern. i too was from st agnes school sparkill ny from 1958-1965. i was an altar boy there for many years. also was one of the famous four boys that went around singing with mr. ole man docherty. love your website. can anyone send me info on me? i was also in the band where we were invited to the macys day parade. coach john glenn, what a great man and there are so many. sr ann bernadette. it goes on and on. i read alot of names in your guestbook that were in my group. maybe they'ld like to talk with me and i can maybe bring them some good tears and not the bad ones we endured during our stay at st. agnes. for everyone that went there during these years, you know why so many unfortunately were effect with dispare. but on a happier note, alot of good memories, the annual bus rides to pailisades amusement park, as well as many outings to other schools with good pools.. remember the dungeons??? (Editors note: basement shelter for bad wheather days).
christopher chamberlin
charles town, wv USA - Saturday, April 07, 2007 at 11:52:01 (PDT)
Video: The Paradox of Our Times Does Evil Exist? Memo From God Life on a Train

Gaspar Cipolla Ricardo C. Colon Harry Connors
Caesar Feliciano Carlos Feliciano David T. Feliciano Pastor (Pat) Feliciano Peter (Pedro) Feliciano
Stephen J. Fromholz, Sr. Louis A. Lopez George Charles Merna Gerald F. Merna Thomes G. Merna
Robert F. Pulliza Frank Jacob Rosenstine Joseph R. Stanaitis Joseph (Joe) Wiska

Raymond (Ramon) Adames John J. Antonacci Joseph Antonacci Dennis Bailey Lorenzo Calderon
Robert Coyle William Doherty Benjamin Feliciano Bob Keane James Lawson
James Merna Richard Merna Robert Merna John (Sammy) Tolins
NewsAlert: Proof of Torture By Our Troops.... Things the Media Missed. 04/08/07
WebNews Archive: All past WebNews are available for viewing in the WebNews Archive.
NewsAlert Archive: All past NewsAlerts are available for viewing in the NewsAlert Archive.

“Home Kids: The Story of St. Agatha Home for Children,” By Nancy Canfield: "Book Recounts Author's Life in Orphanage:"
By Pat Sherman UNION-TRIBUNE COMMUNITY NEWS WRITER, March 10, 2006. "Nancy Canfield knows how a single, immutable event can forever alter a child's life. In her recently published book, “Home Kids: The Story of St. Agatha Home for Children,” Canfield recounts the years she and four siblings spent at a Catholic orphanage in New York."  (More....)

'Home Kids' By Nancy Canfield: The story of St. Agatha Home for Children:
"We're going to take you kids,"
he pointed to each of us sitting on the couch and said our names in a sing-song voice "Jackie... Tommy... Hellen... David and Nancy," pausing between each name as if to prove he knew them, "to see a school tomorrow, a boarding school, see how you like it." He said this in a voice that implied it was temporary, like we'd have a choice about attending. With those words the Canfield siblings began a journey that profoundly shaped their formative years. Home Kids is Nancy Canfield's courageous retelling of her family's dramatic story and the inspirational story of St. Agatha Home for Children.  (More....)

Letters: 'Home Kids' By Nancy Canfield: The Story of St. Agatha Home for Children: Sent: 01/19/2006
Photos: St. Agatha Home Keepsake Photograph.

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