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By Anthony Monteiro 11/02/03

Over the years I have often thought of what happened that day. Recounting the story to others from time to time only led to skepticism and redicule. So I more or less kept this story to myself. Some 40 plus years have passed since leaving St.Agnes and all the boys I lived with in the dorms. (the eyewitnesses). Not to mention memories begin to fade. This story should be told one more time.

Chris Chamberlin and I were always hanging together weather at play or at church. We were alter boys and served mass on Sundays and special occasions, like when the nuns were graduating to the next level in their order. After leaving St.Agnes I never seen or spoke to him again.

It was a clear sky blue day, early afternoon, in the early part of summer in 1959 or early 1960. Chris and I were playing in Fellows field along with 30 or 40 other boys. What we were doing I canít remember. What I do remember, is, there was a kick ball game going on with others doing their own things. A few of the nuns whose names I canít seem to remember either were watching over us and talking between them selves.

Suddenly there was a hum that got louder and louder with the field beginning to shadow. It got very windy with dirt and the nunsí habits flying around. Chris and I looked up along with everyone else. We saw a large circular object over head, it appeared to be 50-60 feet in diameter. It seemed so close we could have thrown a rock at it and hit it if we were a little bigger.

Everyone began to scream and yell. The nuns hurried all of us inside. From the time of the sighting to the time we got inside everything seemed to go in slow motion. Chris and I saw the big disk fly off in a northerly direction over the tree tops and disappear. The nuns told us in no uncertain terms to never speak of what happened that day. Iím sure some boys put this incident locked away in their memory. There are others who remember.

As I said, some 40 plus years have past since this incident and I have had reservations recounting this story until now. Why you ask? Well, after the 40 plus years Iím finally in touch with Chris Chamberlin. My St.Agnes sidekick. I found him on our site. Heíll tell you the same thing. He saw it too.

By Anthony Monteiro 11/02/03

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