The King's Chair

By Bernard S. Neville September 10-11, 2000
Assistance: Arthur Gunther, Editor, Rockland Journal News
Printed in Community View, Rockland Journal News

Manuscript Follows This Typed Original Copy

Manuscript Follows Below
By Bernard S. Neville September 10-11, 2000
From: Bernard Neville
To: David T. Feliciano
Sent: Saturday, March 19, 2005 5:57 PM
Subject: [Photo of Nike Battery NY-03/04]

hi david, this is the same missile batty in seach of the king's chair... bern

Sent: Saturday, March 26, 2005 11:49 AM gives the story validity..never knew the name of the army group, etc., and it is in the exact place by the rockland county cemetery...checked it on the rockland county map. i just recalled that they gave a demonstration in the auditorium , in the school, one day. coach had a few officers, a major, and some enlisted men come in and set up a mock demonstration and showed how they would intercept a russian bomber.
take care

Defending Gotham
Nike Missile Defenses of the
New York Metro Area, 1954-1974
By Donald E. Bender
Nike Battery NY-03/04
Mt. Nebo/Orangeburg, NY

Located only a few miles west of the Hudson River, the Orangeburg Nike site was one of four six-magazine "double" Nike sites constructed within the New York metro area. At these double sites, two standard three-magazine sites were constructed side by side, effectively doubling the site's capabilities. Because the two missile batteries shared a common facility, land acquisition costs and the costs associated with developing the necessary infrastructure could be reduced. Site NY-03/04 remained operational through the closure of the nationwide Nike system in 1974.

Defending Gotham
Nike Missile Defenses of the
New York Metro Area, 1954-1974
By Donald E. Bender
Click Here For More About Nike Battery NY-03/04

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