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WebNews #7 Armed Forces Day Edition, Saturday May 21, 2005


WebNews #7 Armed Forces Day Edition: "America Supports You" - Saturday May 21, 2005
(Special Edition Saluting Our Military Members and Veterans)
Music: "America The Beautiful"

Armed Forces Day: President Harry S. Truman led the effort to establish a single holiday for citizens to come together and thank our military members for their patriotic service in support of our country. On August 31, 1949, Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson announced the creation of an Armed Forces Day to replace separate Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force Days. The single-day celebration stemmed from the unification of the Armed Forces under one department -- the Department of Defense. (From

Click here to send message to our military men and women. Please visit the Department of Defense web page and sign a brief message thanking the men and women of the U.S. military services. It takes less than a minute to sign the card.

Letters: Gung Ho Jerry Merna To/From Jim Holton: Sent: Tuesday, May 10, 2005 1:26 PM
Photos: Pictorial Essay of 50th Anniversary, End of Korean War. By Jerry Merna

Letters: Jerry Merna to Joseph R. Stanaitis; David T. Feliciano. Camp Shanks
Letters: Jerry Merna to Joseph R. Stanaitis; David T. Feliciano. Camp Shanks Story
Stories: A Long Way From Guadalcanal by Gerald "Jerry" Merna
Stories: Donald Francis Antonacci: "Houses Kid", Patriot, and Hero 1937 - 1990 By Gerald "Jerry" Merna
Stories: Extreme Marine Leadership. By Gerald "Jerry" Merna
Stories: Vets Seek Donations For Piermont Statue. Forwarded By Gerald "Jerry" Merna

Stories: Quietest Strongest Marine Hero. by Gerald "Jerry" Merna

Photos: From Iraq and Generations of Valor: Photos forwarded by John Antonacci

Letters: Soldiers Prayer Wheel Prayer wheel for our Military. (Forwarded by John Antonacci.)

Letters: Remember From: Thomas Norris (another former House Kid Marine) To: Joseph R. Stanaitis.

Letters: Military Pay (This is a Hoax. Read it as fiction only.) This is an Airman's response to Cindy Williams' editorial piece in the Washington Times about Military Pay. .

Photos: USS Honolulu: Something You May Not See Again In A Lifetime. (Forwarded by Bernald Neville)

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