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WebNews #4 St. Patrick's Day Edition, Thursday March 17, 2005


March 17, 2005
WebNews #4 Thursday March 17, 2005
Music: "Gowen" website fees are paid for 2 more year. Thanks to generosity of Nancy Canfield, a St. Agatha "Home Girl", and Jerry Merna, a "House Kid", our alumni website fees for 2006 and 2007 are paid in full.

Nancy Canfield is the source of many photos seen on both St. Agatha and St. Agnes alumni websites. She has been a supporter of our efforts from the very beginning in 2003.

Nancy is the Information Researchers for St. Agatha alumni website, which was designed and developed by Peter Feliciano, a St. Agnes "House Kid". She is writing a book about life in St. Agatha and other orphanages and has a large collection of photos and information. Nancy has offered to share info from census records prior 1930. To request specific info in census records before 1930, or to connect with others alumni, send email to
or write to Nancy Canfield, 11438 Lucera Place, San Diego, CA 92127

Nancy is in real estate, affiliated with Prudential, and is building her own business. Anyone interested in buying a home in San Diego area can also contact Nancy by visiting her website at:

Bio: Gerald "Jerry" Merna has also been a supporter from the beginning. He has contributed many article that are posted on our website.

Letter: Jerry Merna's Bio Cover Letter.     Letter: From Jerry Merna to Ron Lunn
Story: A Long Way From Guadalcanal. By Jerry Merna    Letter: Jerry Merna to Jim Merna

Photos: Antonacci Family 4 pics, 2004     Photos: Antonacci Family 8 pics, 2004
Letter: John J. Antonacci To Gaspar Cipolla; (11/13/04); Re: Sparkill
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