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WebNews #3 Valentines Day Edition, Monday February 14, 2005

WebNews #3 Monday February 14, 2005 website gets it's own home: Until now, our alumni website received no funding from any source. Since our website opened in September 2003, our website has occupied space and used resources of Now, thanks to a generous contribution by John J. Antonacci, a former House Kid, our alumni website hosting fees are paid for the entire year of 2005. Now, website is getting it's own home.

Accordingly, we are moving the website to it's new home within days. During the migration, there may be some loss of service and you won't be able to browse to our website. The downtime could last hours or even days. So, if you can't browse to our website, try again later and you should be able to access our website at it's new home.

Having our own website is a big step forward. However, there is more we can do to bring increasing website value to our members. We need additional funding so we can do more and give back more to our members.
Please click here to toward support of our website. You'll get it back in website value.

Photos: By Joseph R. Stanaitis Me & Me 60 years apart:

Letter: From Yvonne Robinson: My Uncle, John Waltenberg

House Kids: 5 more added to list: John Waltenberg, Eddie Lopeskey, Andy Scarpuli, Henry J. Garcia and Anthony (Tony) Garcia.

Memorial: Sr. Mary Lucy Burk: Dominican Convent, Sparkill, New York, died on August 28, 2004

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