Robert E Millspaugh passed away on June 17th, 2010
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My name is Barbara Millspaugh, I am the daughter of Robert E Millspaugh; and it is with great sadness that I must inform you that Robert E Millspaugh passed away on June 17th, 2010 in Alpharetta Georgia. My father was one of the St. Agnes kids from 1934-1940, he would often say that the Sisters of St. Agnes gave him a purpose and a good foundation to go into the world with. My father corresponded with the St. Agnes Sister's right up to the time he went home to the lord. He was 85 at the time of his death and always remained a huge fan of the Sisters. I remember he was talking to me earlier this year of his time at St. Agnes and somehow the conversation got around to what the Sister's had taught him. He told that he learned to ball room dance from the Sister's and when he got married his wife Anne Maud Evans who was from Wales could not follow him as he danced too fancy for her. More importantly the Sister's prepared him for life and part of living is a strong belief in your faith or religion. My father had quiet strength that was built on the foundation that came from St. Agnes and the years of kindness and love he received there. This strength would serve him well in living through WWII, Vietnam and many more periods of strife he would have to face through the years - and he did so without one complaint.

So thank you for giving my father a place to grow up in and teaching him the values that he would draw upon for the rest of his life.

When I was a child my father would take us (7 kids) to Sparkhill whenever we were in the US (dad was stationed overseas quite a bit) to visit some of the Sister's that he knew, and he was at his happiest during these visits.

The photo below is of myself and my Dad when he was turning 79.

Barbara Millspaugh

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