Remember When...

From: John J. Antonacci
To: David T. Feliciano
Sent: Tuesday, April 20, 2004 10:10 PM
Subject: Remember When...


I think this is an excellent idea... I've been so busy... I wanted to run this by you. I was thinking, could we run a Journal or Dear David Column like in the Daily News Called "Do You Remember".

Example: John Antonacci writes, "I remember I was in the band... we went to the Polo Grounds... we were sitting in the box seats... it was an All Star game... we opened the game and the band played The Star Spangle banner... It was a beautiful sunny day... no score... about the seventh inning a runner on first base, a houses kid Desi Pascal, gets up to the plate... he hits a ball into the upper deck at the Polo grounds... the stadium erupts, the band starts playing, the crowd goes wild... It was a memorable day... does anyone remember being there...

I remember going to Yankee Stadium... Coach drove us there in a dump truck... Cliff Mapes was in right field for the Yankees... he caught a fly ball... a player from the Detroit Tigers tags up on third base and heads for home... Mapes unleashes a perfect throw to Yoggi Berra and the runner is out at the plate... I never forgot that perfect play and till today itís the best play I have seen...

Coach Faulk took us to many games at the Polo Grounds... Does anyone remember Desi hitting that home run... I wonder if Desi is still around...

Just a little trip down memory lane.

God Bless
John A.

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