October 8, 2003

Sr. Catherine Tahaney
Dominican Convent
175 Route 340
Sparkill, NY 10976-1047

Dear Sr. Catherine

I want to thank you for the packet you sent. It will be very useful. My personal information is interesting too. It helps me to put a time frame on some events at St. Agnes.

Prior to the arrival of your packet, I sent a follow up letter. They must have crossed in the mail. I attempted to call and thank you but I could only leave a message. I called because I knew that, with my work on three website projects and a preoccupation with the California Recall Election, it would be a while before I would respond in writing.

I did manage to see a couple of familiar faces. There's the ever-present Fr. Jorn and Coach Jim Faulk. We had a little camp in the woods above the pigpen called Camp Faulk. There was also Sr. Ann Catherine. If it's the same person, she was the School Principal for a while during my stay at the "House."

I remember also the new band uniforms. They look real jazzy but I hated them. I preferred the old faded full caped ones because they afforded more protection from the biting cold during the March 17 St. Patrick's Day Parades in New York City. Some of us could also shield the metal instruments, from the cold, that otherwise felt like we were carrying a block of ice. Hated those half capes! Hated, hated, hated them!

There was also a graduation picture with Fr. Rodgers (don't remember him at all) that you have marked as about 1951. I vividly remember one face, which, if I'm correct, puts the date as 1948. His name is Zayas (2nd from right, 1st row) who returned afterwards for a visit as a Brother, wearing a brown habit with a hood. I think he was a Franciscan.

The other pictures can be put up on the website under the category of "do you know us?"

It's really great stuff!


Peter Feliciano
St. Agnes 1942 to 1951

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