From: Barbara Lehmann
To: Joseph Stanaitis
Sent: Monday, July 26, 2004 3:29 PM
Subject: (no subject)

My name is Barbara Lehmann, I just found your website and showed it to my husband William (Bill) Lehmann. He was at St.Agnes 1948-1951 He would like to be put on the list as well as our dear friend Edward Figueroa 1948-1950. Ed is a missionary doing very good work in Recife Brazil.

Your website is very interesting and informative.
Keep up the good work

Barbara Lehmann
i remember your husband, as i recall, in 1948 he was in school with Hank feldman, ed kelly, metoski, cibelinski. wellington (maybe), the antonaccis.

at that time, 1951, i was 15 years old. have you checked out the tappan zee website at http://www.tappanzee.themonniers.com? has he kept in touch with any of his classmates? can he give us any of those e-mail addresses and names?...

we're glad you enjoyed the site. would you want your e-mail address published at the st agnes website? do you both get a copy of the st. agnes alumni newsletter... if not, send me your address and ill pass it on to the committee..

father Ed is mentioned often in the st.agnes newsletter..

stay well and God bless..

From: Joseph R. Stanaitis
To: David T. Feliciano
Sent: Thursday, October 21, 2004 11:49 PM

I do random research. Do you remember Frank Butler..he was in the little side with us...here is info about him...

additional thought...I have the entire memberships e-mail addressess..suppose I send this to everyone...Father Frank may ger some orders..and maybe, God Willing, our efforts might get blessed...He is a member of the Josephites order. they minister mainly to African-American Catholics in the southern states.

Catholic Focus Productions
177 Ballantine Road
Middletown, NJ 07748

Father Francis Butler S.S.J., is a parish priest who runs a soup kitchen in Montgomery, Alabama. His own young life was almost aborted when his father handed his mother $50 to go to the clinic and destroy her only son. Miraculously, his poor mother put off the decision to abort and ultimately gave him to an orphanage. His extraordinary and compelling testimony from an orphanage to becoming a priest is a testimony to Godís great power and love to transform even the most impossible situation into something good.

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