From: Bernard S. Neville
To: Joseph R. Stanaitis
Sent: Sunday, October 26, 2003 1:04 PM
Subject: House's kids

Dear Joseph Stanaitis,

I was advised by Nancy Canfield, who is from St Agatha's in Nanuet and now writing a book of her experiences in St Agatha's. She notified me of the web page. Glad to see that it is up and running.

I believe you came back to the house one day and were telling us stories of your experience staying at "The Hotel" in Brooklyn. I believe you came out of a rock and roll show, the Paramount or the fox, and these big guys who were walking along with you were challenged by a bunch of kids. They all took off, and you were left stranded. You said the house's kids would never do that.

A lesson to be learned; and what did you do? You put your hand inside your jacket and pretended you had a gun. They all stood back and you went on your merry way.

That was a great Christmas card you put on the web. I remember at Christmas that the kids who had went on to the big apple and there abouts always came back for Christmas mass and would come up to the dormitories and tell us how they were doing. It was a warm feeling.

And how could anyone forget the clothes from Roger Peets. They were made of excellent quality. Years later, I worked as a messenger for a photostat house, Russo and McNally, out of Rockefeller bldg, on 6th ave, then called the US Rubber building. I found a Roger Peet's right there next to the AP building. Their prices were not cheap.

As for photos, there were quite a number in the jubilee book. maybe Art Kingsley has an extra copy that could be placed on the web. I had some short-short stories that were published in the Rockland journal news. If you are interested I will see if I can find them and mail them out to you.

And now back to Christmas time and the holidays. Those of us who did not leave had some great food, plenty of ice cream, and gifts from Santa Claus. Coach took us for a bus ride across the Tappan Zee Bridge, 1955, when it first opened up on a cold, clear winter's night.

One could see the ice flow below as it moved swiftly along with the tide to New York Bay. The windows were partially frosted. One wondered if the ice flow would damage the bridge. There was no traffic on the bridge that night, as I recall. We drove through the streets of Yonkers for a few minutes and then headed back.

No souls were afoot on the streets that night. We stopped at a few traffic lights and glanced around. We could see the lights from the houses and the Christmas lights blinking, off and on.

Then there was canteen, as they called it. I remember Sister James Francis, who worked there at the time. I always asked her for my favorite, vanilla ice cream and orange sherbet. I did visit her, in the late 90's, along with Sister Ann Catherine. We had a nice talk and a few laughs.

I hope this web page stays up.

Take care.
Bernard S. Neville

House's kid
St. Agnes 1953 to 1958

juno is not a gret spell checker. still trying to get the hang of it

From: Joseph R. Stanaitis
To: Bernard S. Neville
CC: David T. Feliciano, Peter Feliciano
Sent: Sunday, October 26, 2003 1:26 PM
Subject: Re: House's kids

God bless you Bern. I remember you very well. The story about Radio City sounds like something my brother Roger would have done. He had been transfered to St. Vincents about that time. He was (too put it mildly) a lot gutsier than me. I remember a sandy haired kid with a face full of freckles. I think you might have been in the same class as my brother Roger.

I will pass your messages to David and Peter Feliciano to post at the site. I think, someplace, I might still have my copy of that 50th jubilee magazine. Did you check out the photos at the website. You might be there. Stay well and pass the word. The alumni site is gonna grow.

From: Bernard S. Neville
To: Joseph R. Stanaitis
CC: David T. Feliciano, Peter Feliciano
Sent: Friday, January 23, 2004 4:52 PM
Subject: Emailing: St. Agnes Chapel


hi joseph and david, enjoyed those photos of the students from tappan zee. recognized joe hernandez, nick kelipes, gus karris. good picture of nick. i remember sitting at joe's table, in the refectory, even though i was in a junior group and there was no room for me in my own group. there were a few of us scattered about. looked at the clothes of that era. a real trip back in time. hope someone can post some more like that. i remember that joe hernandez obtained a position in the banking business, just before he left the house. he use to read the wants ads in the candy store where the houses kids would gather. i always called it elmos. the last time i went up there to see tarry and joe rosen in the village on main street, the candy store and building was just a hole in the ground. that day i had a good talk with sr ann catherine and sr james francis. sr james francis is still with us. i was told later that sr ann catherine passed away in her favorite chair. the day i visited, not much time, was driven up by a friend from florida the held a mass for sr mary richards, who was the principal of st helens in the bronx. she was very instrumental getting my brother into that school when he came to the city. small world. i found this other picture of the chapel while i was on a search. once upon a time i was assigned there. good duty
take care.

ps david---- still forming that story of bear mountain in my mind. have to work it in with a day at bear mountain kind of ring. becoming clearer. i recalled the huge fleet of liberty ships tied up when we were on our way up the 9w.
ps joseph---also picture of roger
..... seeing these photos brings every thing back, in a flash, as if you are once more reliving those times in the mind.
take care.


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