StAgnesAlumni.org website is Back Up!

From: David T Feliciano


You may have noticed that our StAgnesAlumni.org website was down for the last week.

My brother Peter Feliciano and I are excited to announce that our website is back up with renewed commitment. Special thanks to Jerry Merna, John Antonacci and Bernard Neville.

I'm taking this opportunity to announce the start of two projects: (1) photo essay project by Jerry Merna; (2) photo slide show and/or photo display project by Peter Feliciano.

These are two separate projects, but you may send all your photos and info intended for both projects to David at dtf@StAgnesAlumni.org. We will divide and/or duplicate your photos into the two separate projects for you.

If all materials you are submitting are of a manageable size, please send materials in one or more emails, to David. If you have too many photos and/or info and need a mailing address, send an email to David and he will provide it.

For more info on photos and type of additional content required for both projects, see below.

As always, all members, family and friends are invited to submit photos, letters, stories, emails, announcements, etc.

Stay well, God Bless,



Photo Essay and Slide Show Projects:

Project #1

Jerry Merna is starting a project to document the recent August 2012 St. Agnes Alumni reunion, including the Mass said in honor of Gloria Kingsley at that reunion. It will consist of photos of both events. It will require photos or other content submitted by anyone who was at that reunion who cares to participate. Please send 5 photos (or more if desired) and if possible, include the names of people in the pictures and any comments you care to make. The more photos and info submitted, the better the pictorial essay will be. Photos and info should be submitted by Sept 30th 2012.

Project #2

Peter Feliciano would like all the photos you wish to share so that photo slide shows and/or displays can be built under the name of the individuals submitting the photos. It may be beneficial to identify the names of people in the photos as well, but not essential for this project.

Examples of the type of photos we seek are reunion photos before 2006 and after 2009. (We have the years 2006 to 2009 covered but if you have more, send them). If you have photos of mixed years, they would be fine. A general collection of photos will also work and it doesn’t have to be of the picnics. Older photos going back to the 1900s will be fantastic! The older they are the better. Photos of the Art and Gloria Kingsley funerals would be great!


Support our website!

From Peter Feliciano

The simplest way to provide support is to visit the website often and sign the guest book at least on occasion.

We need your input! Content!

For instance, there must be tons of photos out there that can be shared on the website. There must be stories to share and event announcements of interest to House's Kids. There may even be YouTube videos of the House and/or House's Kids.

Provide me the input and I'll do the rest.

You can even get some “hands on” experience by posting the same things on the Facebook group. It’s not as well organized as the website but it’s interesting and fun to do. Instructions on how to join the group can be found on the website homepage, left column. Please join us there too!

See you all there!


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