Sent: Wednesday, July 05, 2006 1:42 AM
Subject: We lost another Marine today; his name was Richard G. Merna

Our wonderful Brother Richard left us today, at 1:55 p.m.
He was 71.
We were with our Rich since 1:00  o'clock this afternoon after getting a call that he was "not doing so good." 
He went into the hospital on June 2. He was there for four weeks, three of them in the CCU (Critical Care Unit) where he had three operations.
He never knew we were there; we knew we were there.
He lived a devout Catholic life.  He was one of the nicest guys you  would ever hope to meet.
He never married.
He's with God tonight; we know that for a fact!
We lost a brother...We lost a Marine He served his country on two tours in the Marine Corps, including almost 15 months in Korea.
He joins Roger Stanaitis, the brother of another St. Agnes Alumni, who died yesterday, as they travel together to their just rewards.
We miss him already...badly.
Please pray for both of them!
We lost a Marine today. 
The Merna Family
St.  Dominic's Convent, 1942. Rich on rt (bottom), with his five brothers and Sister Vivian. (Father is in back row, left). Brother George next to Dad, Killed in Action, USNavy WWII, Age 19) 
Rich with Sister Vivian, Brother Jim, graduates 8th grade-St. Dominic's, June50
Brothers Rich and Jim-June50 at Rich's Graduation
Brothers Jerry and Rich-June50
Sister Vivian with Jim, Jerry and Tom. (Tom died on May 7, 2000 at age 63) 
July50-Tom-Vivian-Rich at Aunt's Home in Ozone Park LINY
Rich graduates in 3 years from TappanZeeHS Piermont,NY 1953
Rich's Yearbook Photo, TZHS, 1953
Rich completes Marine Boot Camp at Parris Island, SC 1953
PFC Richard Merna, Camp Lejeune NC
Rich becomes one of the five Navy-Marine Corps Merna Brothers
Jim-Rich at VA Hospital
1999--Rich at 65
1996-Jerry-Rich-Jim at Brother George's Site, Arlington Natl Cemetery
Rich-Jim-Linda Merna Figura-Sue Merna-Dot Merna--Rich's 68th Birthday