Does anyone out there remember Jim (Jimmy or James) Carbone? Jim graduated from St. Dominic's somewhere between 1947 and 1953, then went to St. Agnes.

While at St. Dominic's, Jim recalls playing baseball - he was a catcher to Mickey Monte's pitching. Jim also recalls being an alter boy, sometimes going to serve mass at Rockland State Hospital. He recalls Sr. Chrystostum, whose hand got caught in the laundry room mangler in the late '30's, the Camp Shanks soldiers throwing candy and coins over the fence, the "mud-hole", as well as some other events.

Jim's tenure at St. Agnes' appears not to have been long. Before running away, Jim recalls picking string beans and rhubarb, and getting paid to do so. Upon leaving, he recalls doing all sorts of odd jobs on a cruise line that went up and down the Hudson.

If anyone reading this can relate to any part or parts of this narrative, please contact me through Peter, at the St. Agnes website. On behalf of Jim and his family, thank you.

Jeannette (Borgia) Earl
St. Dominic's Class of '56

Peter Feliciano