From: John J. Antonacci
Sent: Saturday, December 05, 2009 8:07 PM
Subject: Adopt A SisterAnd Send Her A Christmas Card
    Adopt A Sister And Send Her A Christmas Card
    There are Thirty (30) sisters at St. Agnes Convent who are confined to Siena hall infirmary.
    They have 65 to 80 years of service to God and the community.
    When you write your Christmas cards this Holiday season would
     please pick several of the sisters names from the list below, and
     please send them a card it would bring them so much joy.
     Here is the address:
     Dominican Sisters
     Siena Hall  Ifirmary
     175 Route 340
     Sparkill N.Y. 10976
     Sisters in Siena Hall Infirmary 2009
     Bernadette Philips              Perpetua Deane
     Alberta Blase                      Shelia Mc Carthy
     Clement Marie Fay            Rose Eileen Ginn
      Mary Patricia Franz          Joanne Theresa Maloney
      Annette Marie Carney      Ann Paul Mollman
      Helen Catherine Cassidy  Mary Normile
      Eileen Mc Mahon              Catherine Florence O'Connor
      Rosalie Gilson                    Marcella Roeger
      Rose Anastasia                  Sandra Magini
      Jane Dwyer                        Helen Francis Curnan
      Joan Hearns                       Marie Helena Phelan
      Anna Vincitta Hughes        Rita Shea
      Barbra Ann Tavers            Alice Mary Tighe
      Margaret Kananaugh        Alfred Marie O' Toole
      Marcella Tucker                Ann Magdlin
      May God Bless You For Your Kindness
      John J. Antonacci